Moon In Scorpio. Cancer Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon In Scorpio ♏︎ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The underneath. That’s Scorpio’s territory. This is the space where we keep our secrets. We come here to digest & break down the shadow parts of our lives, our selves. This is where the OPPORTUNITY to be in the dark healing waters is. Unfortunately we don’t honor or respect the dark in our culture. We do everything to resist it. We want to cover it with happy memes & positive vibes. This behavior injuries us in ways we now see coming to the surface in mass. The diseases of mind, body & spirit have increased into a pandemic because we cannot cage the shadow. We cannot ignore The Underneath. We must honor & respect the parts of ourselves that are dark. We must allow that half of our spirit to show us what it’s WeRKing on|thru on the regular. We must weep, gnash our teeth, rage against the machine, forgive our own mistakes, & release any guilt or shame that has tried to attach to us regularly & ritualistically or we end up carrying these suitcases full of undigested compost & muck. That shit is too heavy. It keeps us from growth. It blocks us from the pure joy, love, & light that we are so desperate to connect to. The opposite of The Underneath is The Above. As Above, So Below. That’s a simple but powerful tenet for living your best life. Accepting that it is impossible to be in the light all the time is a challenge in our culture. But without the container of darkness we loose the ability to see the light after a while. The Yin & Yang design is a map for how to flow from one side to the other. Never losing connection to one side completely but having a willingness to surrender enough to loop thru in each side. That’s the purpose of a cyclical life. Scorpio’s WeRK is to surrender to the dark water of your life. Swim out & BE in your shadow. Ask it what messages & support it has for you THIS TIME. Know you won’t stay here forever, trust the process. What you find here is important & it deserves to be integrated.

Your Scorpio house can give you a personalized layer to the WeRK. It can reveal more specifically how & where YOU need to surrender during this cycle. The planets & points here can show you what tools, gifts, injuries & relationships may be part of your shadow WeRK in this life. Study them well. Hold space for them during this Moon each month. This is not easy. There is no oil, salve, spray, incense or meditation that gets us out of this part of the cycle. We are cyclical beings on a cyclical planet. It loops thru the light and the dark each day, week, month, year, decade, etc. It does this dor the most powerful & beautiful reason, balance. It does not resist the night. It does not resist the winter. It does not resist the death of anything. It knows that the only way to have a new beginning is to have an end. It accepts the cycle of growth. This is a painful process but it’s made worse by resistance, fear & any attempt to control it. We are disconnected from the cycles of the Earth. We are terrified of what we can’t see, explain or control. We need to WeRK on this babes. One day, month, & eclipse cycle at a time. If you need support please reach out. This is a Moon Cycle for saying "fuck no" to the things that feel fake & repressive. This is a great Moon Cycle for an ugly cry. This is a great Moon Cycle for seeing or finding a therapist - or for just trying a new therapeutic treatment... I recommend a float in an isolation tank! It’s ok to feel dark, sad & overwhelmed. Listen to the messages these feelings bring. You don’t have to act on them RN. Just listen. When this cycle ends you can revisit these messages in the light if you want to. It may be easier to understand their needs and act on them then.

We each have our own unique cycles. Not all are shaped like circles, perfectly cut into halves. I want to be clear that the intention of this WeRK is NOT to NOT have these feelings. There is nothing wrong with the darkness, some folx spend a lot more time on this side of the cycle. They are NOT broken. Our culture needs to STOP shaming them. They are in the dark for a reason. They need to be supported while they do their WeRK here. They deserve the time & support they need to do it in their own way. They deserve the help they ask for, if they ask. They deserve to be held safely & to be met where they are RN. Our mental health IS equal in importance to our physical & spiritual health. We need to demand that become the reality of our culture. AND we need to change the stereotypes about what that means. It’s ok to be Eeyore if that’s who you are. Love you babes!

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