Moon In Virgo. Cancer Season 2019

MAGICmooning moon in virgo ♍︎

→whoops for this not posting yesterday! F★in’ Mercury ☿!!!

Glitches are no surprise since ☿ is owning the vibe of this Moon while it travels thru sign of organization, cleanliness & healing. Mercury stations Rx tomorrow babes so this is a good Moon to make sure you have your cosmic ducks in a row. Measure out yo’ to-do’s but make EXTRA room for glitches, surprises & flexibility...ya know, all the things Virgo resists. This Moon may highlight all the things you’re trying too hard to micro manage & control. This behavior will not be helpful over the next few weeks, oh no. Another cycle filled with harsh aspects to Saturn, Pluto & the Nodes is one thing on it’s own -but toss in another Eclipse AND a Mercury Retrograde & BABY you have control over NOT MUCH at all. Why not just see what happens if you let go for a wee bit? Turn that intense ability to care inward? Spend some time analyzing how you treat your self. This is a sign that brings forward the shadow of negative self talk, harsh judgements & criticism disguised as good advice. Our broken culture has tweaked Virgo’s beautiful light side; the priestess, the nurse, the keeper of the hearth flame. This sign is dedicated to service & before her story was stolen she was not bound to this act by shame & guilt. She chose this path as a true humanitarian. Her judgment was actually witchcraft. It was medicine via magical discernment. Her ability to see the roots of any issue is where her healing powers stem from. When those powers are filtered thru patriarchy she becomes a nagging voice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ During this Moon take some time to research your Virgo house themes; where can you rewrite Virgo’s story in your life? How can you flip the script on your inner critic? Can change your mindset around culture’s judgement of you? Can your Virgo WeRK become about healing the collective thru healing your self? Can you reclaim Virgo’s purpose in your chart? My unsolicited advice babes, is yes, yes you can! 🖤

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