Moon in Cancer. Cancer Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon In Cancer ♋︎

The New Moon Eclipse in Cancer arrives tomorrow at 12:16pst on 7/2/19. It’s a time to set your larger intentions, especially in your Cancer house themes. Issues from the past may bubble up to throw you overboard. You may feel tired from too much swimming against the current. Don’t fight the undertow right now babes. This is a time of surrender and tenderness. Don’t give in to the fight/flight/freeze reactions that Cancer can sometimes have. There is a cycle here & the Universe knows what’s best for you. Try to see where you can trust that. Trust your intuition. Be still & listen for the messages that come in on the waves, the wind. Flow into the cycle of the tides. These weathers aren’t supportive of fighting a single thing. You’ll say too much. You may wound everyone (& your self) too deeply. Go within. Find your inner child & comfort them. Mother them. Spoil them a bit. Let the wounds of the past get some much needed healing & nurturing. Don’t just put another bandage on them & try to forget. Lay it all out on the table & let the Head of the Dragon swoop down & devour all the gunk that’s got you stuck. Set intentions around what you can/will do when you’re not treading this water anymore. Your feelings are messages. They are all valid & real. Sit down with them & let them be seen. Use this time to name them & decide how/if you’d like them to come forward with you or if they should be part of your Full Moon Releases list. (Next Eclipse is on 7/16/19 in Capricorn, we WILL let some shit go babes). We’re doing a circuit here darlings, a loop, a cycle. Call in the growth you desire while KNOWING there is often a release required to receive it. As Above, So Below. If you’re not sure what to do with these intense energies, ask your ancestors. It’s likely they’re waiting for your call. I love you babes. Be tender, gentle & kind to each other. We’re all on this ball of Air, Fire, Earth & WATER together!

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