Moon In Scorpio. Gemini Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon In Scorpio ♏︎ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Into the deep waters we go. Into a dark part of the cycle we must keep revisiting. It holds our secrets, our obsessions & our rawness. We are born here & we die here. It holds the mysterious, taboo things we strive to either harness or hide. It holds great power. It’s the place the patriarchy strives to disconnect us from because there is a knowing here. Here lies THEE true connection. We cannot know true light without true dark. There is a truth here. A truth we’ve been disconnected from for thousands of years. As it bubbles up to the surface we must embrace it even tho its deeply scary. Because, our fear is not coming from the reality of what’s here, nope. It’s coming from the conditioning, the indoctrination, the patriarchy, the overlords. Like any monster it exists in our mindset. We must face it & say no. We must defeat it & rebuild a better thing in its place. It is not easy WeRK. It is not WeRK that everyone can lead or manage. But it must be done. Notice the hard WeRK you’re called to in this moonlight. Notice the tender spots & the fear. They are messages for you. There are some very hard energies at play in these weathers. They are here to show us IF we’ve conditioned & trained enough for the WeRK ahead. If you don’t feel ready don’t swim out. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok to take a bit more time. Save up your energies & instead just notice what happens for YOU. Not everyone is a warrior. Someone has to make the soup. Someone has to hold the hurt ones. Someone has to tend the hearth fires. We must find our own place in the uprising in order for this to WeRK to work. Look at your Scorpio house themes & placements to see where you may be best suited for the dark WeRK ahead. The shift is activated but it won’t happen overnight. There is time to strategize & contemplate babes. Get in touch with your self first, heal your self first. Notice how that process leads you to your role in this battle. How it leads you to your ♏︎ WeRK. 🖤u

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