Moon in Libra. Gemini Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon in Libra ♎︎

The Balancing WeRK is back. How’s your balance WeRK going babes? Do we still think Balance is a destination or are we starting to see how we NEVER STOP WeRKING to find the balance point in all the aspects of a life. We will face hard times. We will have dark days. We will have foul moods. We will fall flat on our faces in failure. We will have our hearts broken. And, if we take the time to notice it, these experiences will have gifts buried inside them & it’s likely they bring us to our best & brightest times. We may also find that this Moon pokes at our relationship balance too. Libra longs for harmony, peace & connections. Sometimes it will sacrifice it’s own comfort to achieve said balance. That is not always the best way to find true balance. We all need some conflict, debate, &/or a push sometimes. These are the things to look out for during this Moon. Check your Libra house for where it might be wobbly for you RN. Remember to give grace these next two days & where there is an imbalance there may be a gift hidden. It’s your job to stop, look & listen. Notice your life babes! Don’t fold in too soon because a tense conversation may bring you closer to your favorite babes. Sit with it all for a minute. Reach out if you have questions about your Libra WeRK or Astro in general. Love you babes.

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