Moon in Cancer. Gemini Season 2019

Moon in Cancer. Gemini Season 2019



How DO you feel?

The New Moon in Gemini may’ve lit up some clarifications on facts & feels. It could’ve also revealed that you’re running your life on logic & fact more than feels. This ♋︎ Moon comes along to remind you that you’re emotions are valuable. All of them. Even the ones that can’t be explained or justified. All of our feelings have messages for us. All of them are a part of our intuition & our birthright. Some of us have more feelings throughout the day than others. That does not make us weak or crazy or otherwise lesser than. Some folks process feelings quickly or logically while others need time to stew & process.

There is no wrong way to feel your feels EXCEPT in this culture where we want everything to be light, happy & bright. When someone is in a dark space we want them to jump out & turn that frown upside down. When they cry we quickly grab them a tissue. When they are angry we expect them to justify that fire or put it out. Feelings without reasons are invalidated.

On the flip side of this we have those who expect others to change & adjust their feelings around our moods. If they see injustice there IS an injustice & the only solutions is a complete tear down of the system. These folks demand immediate action or a fit maybe thrown. The emotional balance work is rarely done well. Before it was stuffed into the patriarchy & now we’re entering a new time. Do we want a call-out or a call-in culture? Is there a better way to be emotional beings who live in groups? Can we ensure we’re not using the blueprints of our past systems? Cancer teaches us that we have to do the self work first. This sign is all about our individual feels. We have to learn to protect, love & listen to ourselves before we can expect (or worse demand) that others listen to us. Taking care of your self makes it possible for you to care for others. During this Moon check in with YOUr feels. Take time to hold each one of your feelings up & out, let each emotion tell you what it wants you to know. Try to avoid editing or justifying your feels. Treat them like small children. Get down on their level & listen to them. Tell them it’s ok for them to exist even if they/you don’t know why they do. Notice how they are useful & needed. Honor your right to be with them. If you see that they hold you back or keep you from growth see if you can adjust or release them. If they just are the let them just be. No one has the right to take them or to make you change them. This is where your power is, this is where your intuition is.

Look at Cancer in your chart. What are the house themes? Do you find that a lot of your emotional WeRK exists in this area of your life? Do you need to do some emotional WeRK here? Do you notice your ♋︎ WeRK is tethered to the past, to family or to home? Spend some time considering how memory, nostalgia & emotion are all tied up together. We have big WeRK work to do in Cancer this summer. The eclipses will occur here beginning in July. It’s time to prep for that WeRK and this ♋︎ Moon may show you where that WeRK is rooted. These eclipses want us to build a new system for our emotions so we can coexist without trampling all over each other. Cancer wants you to know that that emotional WeRK starts with you. Because you are valuable, important & worthy of existing, just as you are, exactly where you are & even with all your emotionalness. Feel those feels for reals babes. Feel them because they are going to give birth to a whole new world! Reach out if you need support or if you have questions.

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