Moon in Libra. Taurus Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon in Libra ♎︎ It’s the Social Event of the Month!

Here we are again my darlings. Back on the balance beam, the tetter-totter, the see-saw. Here we are doing balance WeRK. There are some fairly sweet potentials during this Moon. Venus, the gentle ruler of Libra just entered Taurus, it’s other home sign. It’s beginning it’s journey to embrace Uranus, the planet of shocks & deviation but this can be a good shift if you choose to ride the wave. The next few days may bring you some sweet shocks or you may shock your sweets. It could also bring you some surprise expenditures or sharp turns in your finances too, so don’t loose track of the shadows babes. It’s advisable to keep your credit cards in your pocket & resist the urge to splurge. Remember, you’re seeking the act of balancing. Balance your checkbook. Reconcile your budget. Tell your money how much you LOVE IT! If money is burning a hole in your pocket spend it on some debt or invest in your Libra house themes. What does that house need? How can you make it more secure? If you really need a treat, aim small. Grab some delicious chocolates or share a slice of cake with a friend. Socializing can be very healing during this Moon. Notice how you’ve been putting off getting together with friends OR how you’ve been putting off work to socialize too much. Libra wants us to learn about the polarities in life, the extremes. Too much of one behavior can create bad habits or bad consequences. Spends some time processing how you feel about the stuff you’re putting off. The emotions behind avoidance & procrastination can be real monsters we have to tend to. Maybe share your chocolates with that pesky pest & see if you can get it to feel safe with moving forward. We can’t find balance if we don’t move. Check your Libra house themes & see what Libra wants to bring you so you can find a flow. If you have questions please reach out. Love you babes. You’re worth the balance WeRK!

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