Moon in Aries. Taurus Season 2019

The Art of Selfishness.

Let’s be individuals together babes. Aries is the sign of The Self. It wants autonomy, independence & room to leap out in any direction at any time. It’s a powerful sign but it often struggles with the immaturity of spring. Like a newborn lamb learning to walk. It happens quickly & there is a lot of falling down involved. Aries is currently pretty packed with planets, so we’re doing some WeRK here fo show. This sign is also square to Capricorn so over the next 2.5 days this Moon will be activating Chiron, Vesta, Venus, & Mercury thru conjunction AND squaring the Nodes, Saturn & Pluto. It’s also in a sextile with Mars & a trine to Jupiter. BUSY BEES. My recommendation is to really set aside some time for your inner work. Saturn’s Rx station yesterday wants us to look under the hood. The absence of disease is not always an indicator of good health. We need to check in with our own selves. We need to take a selfish moment to be certain we’re good. This is a Moon that could call you right into overwork. Overtired peeps hurt themselves more often my dears. Make sure you’re weighing the energy you express with the rest you deserve. This balance trend is not a joke babes. Check your Aries & Capricorn Houses. Where in your life is there tension between these two house theme? Ease that tension with love & protective vibes. Remember Aries wants to keep you safe & moving forward. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s also more than ok to say f*ck no. Protect you so you can be the best part of the us relationships you have. Let your loved ones have space too. Don’t be hurt by their need to take space during this Moon. Offer to help them if they appear to be overwrought. Being there for yourself is the best way to take care of others. Just like you have to put your mask on first. Life is just like that. Take care of you babes. Then, show love to your peeps in a healthy, boundaried way.

Reach out to me if I can help you?! Love you babes!

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