Moon In Aquarius. Taurus Season 2019

M A G I C M○○NING ♏︎○○Π in ᗩᑫᘎᗩᖇᓰᘎᔕ ♒︎☽⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hey there weirdos!

You’re unique. You’re strange. You’re one-of-a-kind. That’s the intention babes. We’re meant to be dorks that don’t fit into boxes but instead we’ve created all these boxes. It’s so counter to our magic to make all these categories for everyone. It makes us all feel unworthy & incorrect in our skins. You’re where you’re supposed to be. You can be who you’re meant to be. But how you get there is not going to be via some typical pathway. It’s not gonna be on a traditional map. You’re gonna have to deviate from the plans they gave you. You’ll find your way on the road less traveled. This Moon invites you to see if you can find this portal back to your true inner weirdo. The Who you were before the grown ups around you made you change. The Who you were before society boxed you in & packaged you up. See if you can breakout of that labeling babes. Can you take one step towards a more authentic you? Independence can be held onto in a group. It makes the group stronger if everyone is authentic. It is possible to build systems that work with & for everyone. This Moon brings you that vibe of creative problem solving & innovation. Where do you need to bust out of a box? Where do you need to invite in some deviation & authenticity? Aquarius makes the weird possible. Look at your chart to see what areas of your life contain the powers of this scientist. How can you use these skills to take the other path? What can you innovate here? You’re uniqueness is a gift. Our strange ideas are what bring us our best discoveries & advancements. During this fixed air Moon go ahead & experiment with some of the weirdest thoughts & ideas you have had lately. They may hold the key to unlocking some surprising gift that’s just for you. When we are whole as individuals the group is stronger. We are the sum of our parts. Notice how your weirdness is valuable & how it brings healing to others. Reach out if you need new ideas. 👽

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