Taurus Sun conjoins Uranus; First Cycle

(Click here to see the video for this transit on my Instagram)

Sun conjoins Uranus in Taurus.

This is the first of a series of these conjunctions over the next seven-ish years. Notice what shifts & how your light/purpose changes. It may not this time. Look at your chart to see where your Taurus lives. What house is that? What are those house themes? Do you have planets or points in Taurus? Look carefully at those themes too. This may be a location that sees some sudden or intense deviations & innovations over the next few years. Uranus doesn’t do normalcy or boring. It brings about a clap of thunder & some lighting to spark new things. Using this energy is tricky because it resists plans, commitments & structure at all costs. This is a revolutionary vibe. We may not see it in our charts as much as we see it in the world around us. Notice changes in resources, environmental issues, food &/or lack of food. We may see science changing or innovating a lot in these areas too. We may see the Earth herself change or shift something & we may be reminded of her strength. Take time to honor her & give thanks to her regularly babes, she is our mother. Notice your relationship with change, changes, changing. Say, ‘I love change!’ (Really, try to mean it!) This might be a great time to bend your knees, relax your shoulders & lean into change. The Universe wants balance & success for all its systems. It is the known unknown. We don’t always get to see what’s ahead but we can trust that it’s the right path. We have a choice about how we feel about changes that arrive and that, is as they say, that. We control little else. You can get information about potentials from your chart. You can see good times to attempt to assert your free will. But with this charging bull we may find it helpful to listen to The Rolling Stones on repeat until this stampede of electricity runs its course. Life is a cycle babes. That’s a good thing- don’t forget! Reach out if you have questions or you need support.

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