Moon In Sagittarius. Taurus Season 2019

M A G I C M ○○ N I N G⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ♏︎○○Π IΠ ⓈⒶⒼⒾⓉⓉⒶⓇⒾⓊⓈ♐︎⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Say Yes to Spirit! This archer always shoots for the stars. Seeking new adventures, bigger ideas & total freedom for continued curiosity this 🌙 wants you to connect to your feels about Magic. Where are you resisting the call to rise higher or to learn more about your relationship with Spirit? What does Spirit mean to you? Does that question make you uncomfortable or confused? Angry? Afraid? This 🌙 brings you feels about how you relate to the Woo things required for a connection to Spirit. It wants you to question your beliefs & your ideals because everyone always should, always. Testing the edges of our existence is the trade off for the gift of conscious thought. We think therefore we have responsibilities. There is no ending place with anything we do- this is part of the balance WeRK babes. Once you feel absolutely certain that something is true you should spend some quality time poking at the edges of it. There is ALWAYS more to learn, room to grow & potential to COMPLETELY change your mind. That’s a good goal to WeRK towards: changing is growing & that’s good. Look at your ♐︎ house. What needs it’s edges poked here? Do you have some stuck beliefs? What’s holding you back? What needs to be changed? Is there room for growth here? This may be a good time to take a short trip or at least plan an adventure for the near future. Our ability & desire to migrate & travel is in our core human DNA. This is how we evolve. It’s how we exchange ideas & ideals. When we build walls we get stuck. When we are stuck we are grumpy & rigid. We lash out. We fill with fear & dread. This is a time of epic release. Which also causes fear. Notice how fear has created walls for you. See if you can poke at them. See if you can walk thru them like the magical creature you are. If you feel like you can’t do this, ask Spirit for help. Call to your guides. If you need help, reach out here. You have a personal map babes! Trust that truth! 🐎♥️

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