Moon In Scorpio. Aries Season 2019

M A G I C M ○○ N I N G ♏︎○○Π IΠ SC○RPI○ ♏︎ Welcome Back, Deep Water. Good Morning Babes! How’d ya sleep? Did ya sleep? How deep was your sleep? There was a lot of shifting in the last few days/hours. We’re shifting a lot this week. The Full Moon in Libra happed last night as the Sun spends its last few moments in Aries. The Moon glides into Scorpio just ahead is the Sun shining it’s lights on Uranus. If you’ve been with me, Magic Mooning, you know this transit well. If not, start tracking now. What happens when the Moon makes contact with the planet of deviation & revolution? Our feelings can suddenly change! We can feel anxiety in our bellies. There can be a fear of the unknown or a sense that change is coming. We’re anxious because it highlights that we are not in control of very much in life. What have you learned from this transit in the past? What houses hold Scorpio & Taurus for you? This is gonna be a big cycle for all of is over the next 28-31 days as the Sun shifts into Taurus tomorrow & we will have the next New/Full Moons in these signs. NOTICE what these two Libra Full Moons brought you. What did you release? The Scorpio Full Moon (on 5/18/19) will bring big change potentials. So will the New Moon in Taurus. What needs a radical adjustment in your life? Does something in your ♏︎♉︎ house polarity need to be revolutionized? The next season is a good time for big shift WeRK. You can schedule a reading to find out more about how to use that Moon Magic. All if my readings are on sale because we have big WeRK ahead. Astro can help you plan & prepare BUT mainly it offers you insight when things you want/need don’t go your way. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. Astro can help you see why AND offer you better ways to use what you have. During the next few days of this Scorpio Moon consider how what I just said makes you feel. You can’t always get what you want (but if you look at it in a new way) you always get what you need. Reach out with questions 🦂🧡

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