New Moon in Aries. Aries Season 2019

Know your Moon Phases Babes!

Click here to see the Dark Moon/New Moon Video on my IG.

The Dark Moon (tonight/nowsies) is for deep introspection, inner work, unbinding spells & banishment. 🔥 Be AWARE that magic is an energy exchange : what you put out loops back to you. It’s best to banish your own nonsense, bad habits & traits. Don’t try to change or manipulate others, well, ever- but especially not with Magic. It wants the greatest good and so should you my loves. The New Moon (tomorrow 3/5/19@ 1:50am PST, 15° ♈︎) is about setting intentions, making plans, speaking your desires to the Universe & planting seeds. The New Moon is not really about ACTION but more about PLANS OF ACTION. (Action happens at the Quarter Moons boo!) With all the Aries vibes in this Moon we are self focused, empowered to see our own blocks & our own bad bidness. Take a look in that mirror little rams!! We’re gonna banish the things we don’t want to be true about us anymore! Then, we’re gonna set intentions around personal goals. What do YOU want?? Aries generally can be focused on ambition, work, projects & physical fitness BUT check your Aries House Themes if you really want to get a detailed list of what the what YOU can do for YOU in the coming cycles ahead. Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac so this time is considered by many to be a New Annual Cycle. We are also half way between the eclipses so it’s a good idea to check in on your Eclipse WeRK too... Magic Mooning takes practice, commitment & tools. It’s a process not a quick answer or a switch you can flip. You gotta do the WeRK sweet thing! So... if you need help figuring all these Moon thangs out that’s why I am posting here! If you have a question and/or you need help with learning how to track the Moon in your chart please reach out. Astrology Readings are not as inaccessible as you might think either babes! Check our my offerings in my bio. Happy Mooning! I love you ♈︎🐏 🔥 ♥️

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