Moon in Capricorn. Aries Season 2019

★MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG★ Moon In Capricorn

Working hard at the hard work. This Last Quarter Moon brings with it tasks but not the usual Seagoat WeRK. We’re under some powerful mist as Mercury Rx stops to pivot right in the heart of Neptune, the planet of fairy glamour, deception, disembodiment & the known unknown. Our thinkers are our to lunch. Our processing machine is out of order. World news IS reflecting this & I bet your personal life is to. We’ve been confused & tired for weeks- but this vibe is extra confusing. As a culture we do 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 like 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 be 👏🏻 stopped 👏🏻!!! Especially not by unseen forces. What you’ve learned about control in the last few weeks my rear it’s ugly head during this Moon. It’s especially focused on power & control because it is square to the Aries Sun. This Last Quarter Moon wants you to review what was up for you during the last Full Moon in Libra on 3/20/19. What did you learn about your purpose, goals, projects & life balance? What is holding you back from getting where you wanna be in these areas? Where is your Capricorn house? What’s up in those themes? When the Moon and Sun reach a quarter phase there is a square aspect between them. This means that an action must occur. Something must snap or give. Letting go during this phase can be powerful. HOWEVER: note the mist I mentioned above because we’re not operating in a clear space here Babes. Aries & Capricorn are both go getters, change makers, builders AND bombers. There is a level of crushing power in these two Cardinal signs, especially when they are tired & frustrated. It might be best to rework the work you’ve done in March. Look back, take stock, make lists, make plans. Put the action vibe into strategy NOT initiation, not yet. We’re learning about patience here kids. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Notice how & why it’s hard for you to wait. The signs may say GO but know that you might not be seeing the full picture...yet. Mercury stations direct (ends the Rx cycle) tomorrow am. BUT that is like turning an oil tanker NOT a speed boat. We’re going to walk back over the exact same trail we just climbed. There is still WORK to do in these themes.

During this Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn spend some times truly considering what your WeRK in this life is. How can you KNOW that purpose as you walk back over the path you just laid? How can you take what you know about frustration, confusion & patience as you tread the misty (but now flowing forward) waters of Pisces? Once Mercury leaves Pisces and it’s Shadow phase it will Walk into Aries. You can choose to have a fully empowered, prepared & well rested Mercury or you can keep resisting, persisting & exhausting it by trying to force that square peg into a round hole. IT AINT GONNA FIT IN THERE BABES. Finding patience and accepting no for an answer is hard work but it’s good work. It’s a SKILL we all need to work on- yes- ALL OF US NEED TO LEARN THIS. Look at your Aries house to start to prepare for what Mercury’s journey there may bring you. This planet rules the mind: beliefs, thoughts AND the two lanes of communication. It’s gonna be ready to process some ideas, start projects & get after it. Can you rest, review, reset & wait until this shift happens on 4/17/19? If that seems like sooooooooo long from now, trust that it isn’t. It’s your choice to keep plowing ahead or to wait. It’s your choice to decide how you feel about all of this. Remember that you’re learning a lot about control right now. It’s hard work but it’s good work. And you’re worth the time.Love you babes. Reach out if you have questions.

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