Moon In Scorpio. Aries Season 2019

☆ ᎷᎪᎶᎥᏟ ᎷᎾᎾᏁᎥᏁᎶ ☆ мoon ιn ѕcorpιo ♏︎ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We forget that some beings not only live in the dark but they also flourish & thrive there. The Underneath Creatures have important tasks & duties, as does Scorpio. This Fixed Water sign holds the secrets & the composted nutrients of life. It takes death & makes it into rebirth. When the Moon is here we are in the darkest dark water. This is part of the cycle & it’s so valuable. During this lunation I invite you to sit in the dark with your self for at least an hour. Like literally turn off the lights, disconnect from technology & sit quietly with your own damn self. What happens to you in the dark? Notice how you react because these feelings are probably the ones that are the most in need of your attention. If you can’t make it for a full hour how long can you sit there & just be? If there’s a struggle this might be a practice that you should develop over this entire Aries Season. It’s Aries Season & this Sun sign is all about identity. Doing this inner work is important & needed so during this Sun Season seek out ways to engage your inner self. Let others have the space to do this work too. Look at your chart to find your Scorpio house. What house number is it? Look deeper into those house keywords & themes. Take those house themes into the dark with you & see what they need to show you. Ask questions related to that area of life. We spend a lot of time & energy trying to resist the dark. Invite your self into your dark spaces & they may just surprise you with buckets of healing & cleansing love. There is a reason we’ve been conditioned to fear the darkness... there is great power there. Is it time to take yours back? Reach out if you have questions. I love you so much.

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