Moon In Virgo. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆ moon in virgo meeting the known need This Moon will first trine Uranus, this may bring you an opportunity to understand or analyze the sudden shifts of the last cycle more coherently. What is different? What is valuable in the change? Take some time to see what you can utilize from any unexpectedness in your life. Virgo digests, sifts & researches. This energy knows how to distill the last essence of value from anything. In these swirly times this Mutable Earth vibe may offer you a few solid days of understanding & clarity. Especially if your focus is on “what’s still good here?” With all the confusion & misalignment you might be equally exhausted & frustrated by your attempts at getting all the things done RN. Try to see past that, try to find the known need. This Moon may bring you into some clarity in at least understanding WHY the Universe is saying, “no, wait, don’t yet” All things have purpose in time but we are often told to be steady workers who insist on getting the job done. Like bees in a hive we get focused on the goal ahead causing us to miss the sweetness of the nectar. Mercury Rx wants you to notice all the things that your need to be well. This Moon offers a unique kind of editing & review skills. Particles, pieces, parts. Those are Virgos areas of expertise. Break it down to see how it works, where it’s inefficient & where it’s harming you in ways you’re not easily able to see when you’re always buzzing around. The Virgo wants to be of service but that doesn’t mean there is an endless well either. You must tend your own well too. You must refill, renew & replenish your self. Chances are good this Moon is going to reveal a lot about the cycle of your energy well (and the well of others) -if you stop buzzing for a moment. Can you? If not then that’s where you start. Look at your Virgo to see what areas of life are looking for some reflection. Take what you draw from this Moon & see if any of these realizations need to go on your Full Moon release list...that’s coming up on Wednesday babes...and it’s an extra magical cycle ahead (more to come on that) Please reach out if you have Q’s or you need AstroSupport. Love you!

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