Moon In Taurus. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ PREP Moon in Taurus 2/10/19 @ 17:28 pst Did you prep? What did you do as this Taurus Moon approached? How did you consider the best potentials of this Moon? You did it right, no matter. This Moon is about how we feel about resources, assets, money & objects. Look back at the last Taurus Moon. Do you see your Taurus Moon patterns forming? What can you make useful from this Moon’s gifts? What are your Taurus tools? Can you see how the WeRK you just did in Aries is going to roll over into this Taurus cycle? The AstroAlgebra: ♈︎ (Self) +♉︎ (value) =‘s what for you? As we move from the self focus to the asset focus what kind of exercises/practices can you design to see how you use this shifting energy. As Taurus’ vibes become activated we become more focused on our basic needs, our core values, our needs. Now that you know what you want ask your self what do you need? WHAT do you need? What DO you need? What do YOU need? What do you NEED? Please do share your answers. I love you babes. Enjoy this Moon and don’t eat too much. (That’s one of my ♉︎☾ patterns... ALL THE SNACKS!!) 🐂♥️

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Taurus. 2/10 @17:28pst - 2/13 @ 1:32pst ♉︎ Taurus. The bull. The resource keeper of the Zodiac. The sign of money, assets, patience, steadfastness & values. A lover of the rocks, gems, plants & nutrients this Fixed Earth Sign is difficult to move away from their comforts. That is until they decide it’s time to move. There is no stopping this energy once it has a goal (or wants an angry stampede!) Dedicated, sweet & stubborn this Moon invites us to examine our feelings about all the (literal) things. Notice your relationships with your resources. Do you love money? Does money love you? Does that question make you squeamish? Why do you have things? Because they are useful, beautiful, popular? This Moon invites you to consider basic needs vs. luxury items. What is the difference? How sustainable is your life? What are you trying to cut out, sacrifice or let go of? Are there new habits to build in these areas? This Moon offers extra power to bust thru any blocks. What does your Taurus house want you to know? Look there & see what your Taurus WeRK is. Reach out if you have questions about this process/practice. I love questions & want to be a resource for your AstroQuestions. You’re valuable babes. I love you so much! Be well! 🧁 🌙 💛

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Taurus REFLECTIONS. ♉︎☽ ends on 2/103 1:31 pst What do you need? Have your values changed in the last few days? Are your using your resources wisely? Have you noticed a shift in your finances when this Moon vibe is present? Did you plan to use this Moon for anything Taurus themed? What about your house placement or you Natal Taurus planets? Did you see any themes there? Notice your patterns: sleep, appetite, mood, thoughts. Did other people act differently? What happened to you? Now is the time to look back on your Taurus time to record what came up for you. Write it down so you can reflect back when the Moon is here next time. Maybe you’ve been tracking with me for a while. Do you see any patterns yet? Have you found your Taurus WeRK? If you have developed any special ‘Taurus Moon’ practices or activities would you be willing to share them? What do you think would be fun Taurus thangs you can do next time this Moon comes around? It’s also the First Quarter Moon 🌓. This is a time that may bring about some blocks or hurdles to the intentions you set for the New Moon in ♒︎. This can be the perfect energy to either bust thru those blocks OR to patiently wait to see how they unfold. Knowing that you’re getting a chance to check in on those intentions to see if in fact you truly DO want (or need) those goals to be met... or not IS HELPFUL. Tho it can feel frustrating. Take some time to look back at your New Moon intentions. Do they still ring true? Are their adjustments needed? Now is a good time to make those shifts & edits. Find a good space for your needs. Take them time to feed them, cuddle them & make them feel valuable. Honor them. That’s what Taurus needs babes. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of rest during this sweet exalted Moon...Gemini is next & it typically brings forth a buzzzzzzzzzing mind & busssssy hands. Let me know if you have any Magic Mooning questions babes- I love to be a AstroResource!! 🧁 🐄 🌙 💕

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