Moon In Scorpio. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆ ʍօօղ íղՏϲօɾԹíօ •♏︎☽

ฬ♄คt ίร ๒єคยtίŦยl?

Please tell me, what do you think is beautiful my darlings? Where do you find beauty? This is a question we must answer if we are to make real change in this culture. We’re we are in the dark waters again babes. This is that place where we can do the underworld work. This is the Moon that can sometimes bring what’s underneath to the surface. Just remember it’s ok to hold space for your dark things. You can’t see the brightest white without it being surrounded by the darkest dark. Spend some time noticing what you spend so much time hiding. There is healing there. We are a culture that shuns darkness. This behavior is the root of all of our cultural problems. We think one side has more value than the other. We think that we need to always be in the light to be happy, healthy & free. But that is a lie we got sold so we would keep buying sh*t to be prettier, thinner, smarter & best. The beauty standard is another tool of the power monsters. It works to ‘other’ us, deflate us & oppress us. The dark is not scary or less than. The dark is beautiful, powerful & necessary for each cycle to become complete. Check your Scorpio house for information about your own special dark space. This is a place you can swim into your own feels & decide what to keep & what to surrender to the blood water, the ooze, the compost tea. This is your cycle. Do you have planets here? Learn about them because they can be your unique tools for dark magic. For underworld work. We’ve been told to avoid these places because they are so powerful & healing. The overlords don’t want you to know that you are capable of so much. It’s ok to be afraid. That is how you know you are brave. It’s ok to cry. That’s how you know how to laugh. Swim into your dark waters babe. You’re safe. And if you can’t do it alone ask for help. Phone a friend or find a healer to help you. If you’re not sure what or where your Scorpio house is, reach out. I would be honored to help you. Now ask yourself; what IS beautiful? Then, in two days ask again. And, in 27 days from now, ask again. I bet you’re answer will change profoundly each time. Love you 🦂!

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