Moon In Scorpio. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

In Prep for Scorpio Moon. Here goes: Remember babes- this is that moment when the Moon is in opposition to Uranus again... this is when big changes arrive & attempt to unsettle us. But when we prepare & we do our Magic Mooning WeRK we can see the patterns & we know where these surprises may be meant to be emotional releases...

Moon in Scopio, Day II. What did you decide was ready to go? Have you committed to swimming out into the deep water? Can you unbind your self to the things that have restricted you? This Moon invites you to consider the process of letting go for good - you’ll do this because it’s the sign of release, composting & rebirth BUT also cuz t’s also the Last Quarter Moon. Now is the time for final releases from your Full Moon Magic. Take a look at your past Full Moon/eclipse release WeRK... (that was just a few days ago but does it already feel like months have gone by? Whew!) This Moon may bring forward surprises and deviations from the plan. What’s different? What’s needing more attention before it gets cast aside? Take some time to consider that now, as this Moon rolls in. Is there anything that should be held on to even tho you thought was done? Remember that sometimes you can’t just throw something in the trash. Sometimes you can’t just bury it. Sometimes a thing needs to by seen first. Sometimes you must upcycle, recycle or reuse an emotion too. Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean it will just go away. As we prepare for some big shifts ahead we must consider the impact of our releases. Not just physically but energetically too. Now that you’ve thought about judgement & fairness for a bit, this Moon invites you to consider your feels about it all. Woot- a water moon- feels!!! Yay. 😂. How do you feel about it all? Be ready to consider that over the next two days- it may be pretty intense but now that you know it’s just Scorpio Magic it should be a little easier. The water is fine babes, swim out. You’re safe. Let’s do this cycle together. I’m here if you have questions...Moon in Scorpio. The underneath, the cycle of death & rebirth, the compost. A deep, watery connection can be made here- if you’re willing to stand in your true power. This is the Last Quarter Moon so now is the time to pour out what was released at the Full Moon. Clear away the last of the energy around those releases & begin to look forward to what can now fit into your life because you made room. Scorpio wants to sit in the darkness & contemplate the negative space. It is powerful enough to examine the underneath to make sure we didn’t miss anything important when we decided to let go. It’s capable of holding us while we grieve & process loss or release. It can feel scary or counter-intuitive to let a scorpion hold you while you cry but they are actually quite comforting. You can swim out and know that you’re safe because this energy is holding space for you. Have those hard conversations about boundaries & space during this Moon. Set the rules YOU mean to follow going forward. Examine the secrets you keep to see if they can go into the trash now too. Cleaning out your energetic closets regularly is just as important as cleaning out your junk drawer. Check your Scorpio house to see where you might need to face some fears, honor some secrets & release some stuckness. Reach out if you need help babes. I am happy to share some resources with you. Love you!

Now it’s time to be preppin’ for some Scorpio Moon reflections... you swam thru to the other side Babes! Nice work. The more you practice Magic Mooning the more you’ll see how these cycles are actually meant to bring us messages & patterns so we can be better at our WeRK. Take some time to look back at the last two-ish days to see what came thru for you. Check in with ALL your feels & notice what you allowed to surface & what you kept underneath. This sign will likely always bring the darkness, the secrets & the deep watery feels. We won’t always want to wade out. If you’re afraid or resistant, that’s ok. It’s not a race. Note THAT babes. Be gentle with your self (and others). These can be intense weathers. What next? See what you can do within the next 26 days to prep for this Scorpio vibe to return. What can you do to be more prepared for that WeRK next time? It’s YOUR Scorpio WeRK babes- it’s not on anyone else’s schedule to dictate. You decide what, when & how. This is also a Moon about rebirth, power & safe space. It’s ok to change, to take control AND to keep a secret if you need/want to. Notice all the things that come up here but also notice if you’re feeling overwhelmed by them all too. Give the feels a few minutes of attention, respect & then catalog that detail. Keep a list so you’ll know when you’re ready to really hold it all up to the light. If you’ve been Magic Mooning with me for a little while look back at your past Scorpio Moons to see if any patterns are surfacing. Give those some thought too. If you’re beginning to hold them up give yourself some credit for all your wonderful WeRK- even if nothing has changed (yet!) you still deserve to honor the process it self. You’re worthy of the time it takes to heal & grow babes. The Next Moon is Sagittarius (where Jupiter is currently living, along with Venus) so now is a good time to plan something fun to do in the next two days. Treat yourself!! And leave all that trash to compost until next time- you never know, when you come back there may even be a garden growing here! Love 2 Love U babes!!

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