Moon In Sagittarius. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

Here come the Sagittarius Moon babes. What are you gonna do for FUN these next few days? This Moon’s vibes can make you want to get out & go on an adventure. Take a longer trip away or just dive into a good book. Anything to expand your mind or take you to a new place. It’s also a good time to take a class, meditate, or settle in for a long discussion about philosophy or magic. Or take a meditative philosophy class...🤷🏻‍♀️?! Look at your Sagittarius house for where your fun tools might be. This area may be super active because Jupiter is hanging out here thru November 2019. You’re potential for growth in this area is huge. Take some time to notice where change is blooming in this area of life. Watch out for where it might get too big too. Are you overwhelmed? This could be Jupiter. Check those boundaries your building to see if this is just a safety test on that foundation. If you’ve been using Magic Mooning to track the Moon in your chart look back at what was up for you last time the Moon was in Sagittarius. Write down what you plan to do with these weird & wonderful unicorn vibes over the next two-ish days & don’t be afraid to share those ideas here... reach out if you have questions or if you need adventure advice! Love you my little ponies. 🦄🌙🔮💜

Moon in Sagittarius! The philosopher, teacher, adventure blogger, & life of the party. This Moon is fun, fleeting & fantastic. Watch out for how it may call you to Eat, shop, drink, sleep, dance...but be aware that the Jupiter vibes are extra babes. Take time to detox, rest, & meditate on more important things. Drink more water. This sign also digs higher thinking, spirituality & sociology. Find a way to engage community. Attend a talk, go to a workshop or just invite some friends out for trivia or to wax poetic about current events. Notice how themes from your Sagittarius house pop up around you. Write down how your body feels, where you’re emotional boundaries are, & how you related to others. You can also notice you appetite, sleep patterns, moods & thoughts during each moon. This is a Mutable Fire energy so it wants to move around, fluttering from one activity to another. It’s easy going and fun (but also non-committal & forgetful, maybe even a bit dismissive of others- so notice that in others (and YOURSELF) and try to give a bit of grace.) Just let go of the structures & work for a minute & let loose. We’re gonna have a lot of strong work vibes for the next two years so when this Moon lights up it’s always gonna be a good time to kick off your shoes & shake your ass. Put on your unicorn mask & bust out your best strut babes. It’s ok, the Aquarius Sun is here to help you get your weirdness to warp speed. Wild out & don’t forget to share a picture with us. Love you babes! 🦄🌙🔮💜 🐎

★🦄★ It’s time to start your Sagittarius Moon Reflections... look back at the last 48ish hours to see what was up for you. Did you have fun or did all the Capricorn energy from Saturn & Pluto take over & keep your nose to the grindstone? How did you feel about what happened? What did you do that was so fun? Why couldn’t you find time for the fun? Take some time to consider this Moon. How did you sleep, eat, move, dress? Did you notice any other Sagittarian themes pop up? How did your body feel? What about people around you? Did you see their behaviors change? Did your sweetie overindulge or over-shop (did you??)? Were your coworkers distracted or interested more in brainstorming new ideas than finishing the work they have before them? What about the kids in your life- were the needing extra physical play time? Did you have any deeply philosophical chats? Take the time to sit down & catalog these things. Especially if you weren’t able to gift yourself some fun time. The next Moon is Capricorn so we’re gonna really work our WeRK for the next few days & that is why it’s so important to take advantage of the Sagittarius Moons. There is plenty of time to appease Saturn this year but during this Moon you’re meant to honor Jupiter (& Venus for this Moon). We’re in the last few degrees of Sag now so spend some time considering what IS fun for you?? Things are hard & rather scary RN. I know it, you know it. But that is why it’s so important to let loose regularly. If there’s no fun then what are we fighting for? If you’re struggling to get your party on you can PLAN to do it next time the Moon is here in Sag. That’s Magic Mooning babes! Wanna know more about this? Let me know, I’m happy to help. Love you little ponies! 😘

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