Moon In Pisces. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ PREP Moon in Pisces ♓︎ 2/5/19 @ 18:02 pst

It’s time to look towards the swirly waters of Pisces babes. The Moon will be moving in there later tonight & bringing all the twirly, whirly energies that the cosmic fish of the Zodiac always brings. It’s time to consider our dreams, our energetics, our auras & our spirits. Do we care for them the same we do the things in our physical world? Not usually. How do you protect your dreams? Can you cleanse your energy field or your aura? Do you practice self care for your spirit? These are all things to consider as this Moon moves in to ♓︎. Once you’ve finished taking a look back at Aquarius’ cycle look forward to the Mutable Waters ahead. It can help to swim into this fantasyland with some intentions because it can be a bit distracting in here. Moon Prep can help you be more aware of the messages this Moon has for you. Take a look at your Pisces house & planets. Spend some time meditating on these themes & keywords to see if they have gifts for you. Mercury will also enter Pisces on 2/10; it will Retrograde here. This Moon cycle may give you helpful hints on how you can make the most of this Retrograde flow. (Yes, the ℞ cycles ARE meant to be useful gifts!!!) Keeping track of your Pisces work will help you develop best practices for Mercury’s long trip thru a sign it doesn’t love to be in (it’s here until 4/16). Preparation & awareness doesn’t guarantee unfun things won’t happen but it does invite us to breathe, bend our knees & brace for potential bumps. It also validates us when we have a rough patch & that feels nice. Swim towards the rainbow babes. The Pisces Moon is almost here. Reach out if you need help finding your chart or your Pisces house info. I am happy to help. 🌈 🐠 ☿

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Pisces. 2/5/19 @18:02pst - 2/8 @ 6:02pst ♓︎ Pisces. The fish. The most mystical & magical sign in the Zodiac. The sign of the collective unconscious, dreamland & everything (& nothing!). This sign holds the aura. Now is a time for energetic cleansing & deep meditation. It is a time for considering the biggest big picture and the all encompassing collective. It is also a time to notice where you have no boundaries or edges. Does that work for you or is that where injury keeps getting in? This sign can be easily distracted or disillusioned (especially since we’ve had Neptune hanging out in Pisces for FOREVER!) it’s a swirly whirlwind in here sometimes. That can make productively & commitments hard to keep. Notice when you’re losing things, forgetting words, stressed out about being late. This is a time to take time to sit quietly & just look around- you might be missing a sign from the Universe. Breathe in & out. Think deeply about whether those feelings are helpful or healing. Do they help you get it all done? Sometimes we need to disconnect, power down, reset our modems & just BE alive in the world w/o am agenda. Sometimes stillness is what we need most. This can be what’s calling you during Pisces so take some time to notice how you react to this concept of doing absolutely nothing. Yeah. It’s not easy to do. But it’s so important when your brain is the most beautiful & complex super computer around. Try to take some time to power down babes. That sh*t will wait. Or not. But it’s not as important as you are. Notice that. If you’re one of the folks who gets hyper focused during this Moon (it happens) give others some grace. It’s not easy to make space when you’re lit up- but knowing the potentials for ♓︎ to invite in spaciness & distractions can help you be calm. It’s just a few days baes. Breathe. Swim. Float. Dream. You’ll come back better & ready for the next Aries! The go-getter! It’s all a cycle, sweets. It has a plan. Check your ♓︎ house to see how you can support yourself best during this Moon. (Write, ‘Nap Time’ on the calendar? 🤷🏻‍♀️) You deserve to just be. Let me know if you need any support babes. 🌈

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Pisces REFLECTIONS. ♓︎☽ ends on 2/8 6:02 pst Here we are again. Are you getting the flow of it now? The cycle of the Moon is bringing you info...are you paying attention? Are you starting to see your patterns/themes? It takes time to learn to trust your intuition again. This practice can help you tune into your psychic center- especially during the Pisces Moon because it IS the psychic center of the Zodiac. Did it seem like you’re mind was operating in a different way the last few days? Were you more open to the messages or did you feel overwhelmed by the distracting waters? Was it a struggle to surrender to daydreams or the call to nap? Were you able to sleep at all? What were your dreams like? Did your body feel different or did any unusual things happen energetically? Did you notice other people were behaving in a Pisces way? I find people tend to wear more colorful or sparkly clothing. What about social media? Scroll back thru your feeds over the last two days. Are there lots of prisms, unicorns, & dragons there? People may be super mystical & swirly OR you could see some complaints about lack of focus. Mercury is about to enter this sign so chances are you’re gonna notice people talking more & more about Pisces themes. Take note of your personal stories, the narrative of your life, & the way you’re envisioning the future. The ℞ can bring a chance to edit that in a Pisces way. Noticing what this Moon is bringing has offered you a sneak peek at what may be up for you during that long ☿ transit. It’s a good time to start a dream journal. Plan for longer meditations, brainstorming sessions & times to decompress over the next two months. I know it seems hard to slow down RN but I promise it’s gonna be easier with a plan. We need to reevaluate how we use our physical, spiritual, & collective energies. We need to hold them all on high & realign our values so we’re taking better care of us. We are all connected. It’s time to remember that we already know that. It’s time to rebuild our systems for tending to that. Pisces holds that knowledge. Try to spend time today in ♓︎ space today. Honor us. Reach out w/Q’s. ♥️🌙🌈

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