Moon In Libra. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

Moon in Libra, Day One. The sign of relationships, relating & relations. We think of “relationships” often as simply romance. That’s definitely in the mind of this Cardinal Air Sign. It wants to start, engage & interact thru love but it also considers all the other interactions too. This can be with other humans but also with animals, objects & ideas, equally. Libras love to strategize & plan. They love parties, galas & getting together. They also love beautiful objects, art & design. This sign is ruled by Venus so it can be a curator of all the purdy thangs. If you’re doing all the #konmari -ing in your life (like all the hip peeps are) this Moon may help you let go of things that you don’t want to have a relationship with anymore. A Libra knows what sparks joy. This is the most emotionally connected of the Air signs but it definitely doesn’t like conflict. If it is overwhelmed it can become submissive &passive (aggressive) so watch for where you’re letting too much get past you during this Moon. Take time to consider your relationships during this Moon. Where is there a call to realign or recalibrate things? This sign seeks balance & it’s willing to work for it. Just watch out for how it will compromise too soon. There is a lot of collective work around boundaries & writing new rules. This is a good time to get political. It’s a good time to consider the laws that govern. Weigh the cost of freedom during this Moon & you may be surprised at what comes to the surface as valuable- especially after all that Virgo work- phew. Check your Libra house & planet placements in your birth chart. What are you here to bring justice to? What are your Libra tools? Not sure how to figure that out? DM me or check the RESOURCES link in my bio. Libra is square to Capricorn (where Saturn, Pluto & the South Node are currently renting a one bedroom flat together) shit is changing babes. We need to reread the fine print of past agreements. We need to consider amendments, edits or flat out rewrites. This Moon will ask us what is fair. And it’s not gonna take some fluffy answer. It’s time to really put our ideals on the scale & make some exchanges. What are you willing to do for justice?

Moon in Libra, Day II. We’re near the end of this Moon now babes. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned about your balance. Where are you off? Where did you hold your boundaries? How are your relationships going? (Especially the ones you have with your belongings?) Take some time to journal or note the happenings of the last 38-40 hours. Write 3-5 sentences (or just words) about how you’ve felt, reacted & engaged with others. Notice your thought patterns, behaviors & needs. Check in with your body; how’s your digestion, aches & pains, energy levels, sleep? Stop to give these things attention. If you’re doing this with me you’ll be able to look back at past Libra Moons to see if patterns are forming during this part of the cycle. If you’re just starting remember that you’ll want to come back to these notes in another 28(ish) days to see if similar feelings & happenings pop up.

Not sure how to start? I have tools to help. Download my Magic Mooning Zines (click the shop link in the pic or bio OR visit my website to see all of my offerings) I have a new subscription program that starts at $11/month. It includes these Zines AND weekly worksheets for tracking the Moon in your chart. You can also visit my Resources page for even more help content. Reach out if you have questions too. Love you babes! Be well out there..

Moon In Libra, Reflection. BALANCE is NOT a DESTINATION... Balance IS the WeRK. It is a pendulum of energy that moves us around to tend to all of our priorities in a cycle. Notice your relationship with your “busy” life. If you’re overwhelmed check your boundaries. Culturally we tend to live our daily lives as if one of the big stressors (death, natural disaster, serious health issues) is always happening RFN. We put too much value in getting it all done (and making it Pinterest worthy too!). We are obsessed with super heroes and productivity apps. We’re pressured to be the very, very best multitaskers in every facet of our lives. This wears down our endocrine system & our bodies begin to believe that we are in constant danger. Adrenal Fatigue is not sexy or cool. Striving to thrive is the goal NOT striving to survive. Spend some time finding the awareness that some people REALLY ARE STRUGGLING to eat, heat & sleep- this is a helpful way to put your task list into perspective. The recent big calls to simplify & let go of things is the Universe’s way of letting us know we’re too extra. We need to prioritize our core values. We need to recenter ourselves so the pendulum can swing us to our actual WeRK in this life. Try to find some stillness this evening babes, anytime before midnight is perfect. Try to breathe in some of this Cardinal Air energy, let it help you strategize a life plan that leads you to your true center. You deserve to be there. WeRK from there & chances are you’ll see the things that don’t really matter start slipping away. You’ll see your calendar fill up with things that bring you joy AND that have the potential to help others & the world begin to heal this frenzied disease. Slow down babes. Take stock. This is your Libra cycle WeRK. It will take time to make this change a habit. Do what feels right, right now & remember: Scorpio is coming next & it’s happy to help us recycle all the trash. Sending you all the hugs babes. 🌙🔮♥️

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