Moon In Leo. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ PREP Moon in Leo 2/17/19 @ 7:20 pst Time to prep for the Leo Moon babes. What are some Leo Moon things you could do over the next few days? The Sun will shift into Pisces on Monday too so the quality of the Sun’s light will also change. What do you want to accomplish during this last bit of Aquarius light? Spend some time considering this Polarity for a while. What have you learned in these two houses (♌︎♒︎)over the last 1.5-2 years. It’s likely you’ve done a lot of work here. Think back and feel some gratitude for these two houses, signs and luminary qualities. They teach us about Radical Self Care and Innovative Revolution. They want everyone to have the best life, the most fun & the finest outfits. Plan some Leo Moon activities over the next 48 hours. Dancing, karaoke, painting, theater performance and/or a trip to the museum. OR get your hair did, your nails done or some other beautification. Take care of your self. Fill your heart with laughter. Go play. Make a list of some of the keywords for Leo. In another column make a list of works for YOUR Leo house. Do you have planets or points here? List some of those keywords too. Now see if you can make some kind of plan that fits you using these keywords. Share yours below. Love you you royal babes. Stay fine. 💋

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Leo. 2/17 @ 7:20 pst - 2/19 @ 6:45 pst ♌︎ Leo.

The lion. The drama queen, the artist, the playful one. Leo wants everyone to have fun & to laugh. They want to entertain & delight by putting on a show for you babes. That “look at me, look at me” energy is designed to make you forget your troubles & get happy. Sometimes it can be an over the top expression but the intention is to bring you joy. Leo rules the heart. It also brings for childlike energy & romance. This Moon can be a good time to plan some time to play with the kids in your life. If you don’t know any it can be a good time to connect with your inner kiddo. Go do something silly & fun just cuz you can. Leo brings for the need for Radical Self Care. It wants you to know that truly loving & tending your SELF is one of the best things you can do for the collective. No one else really knows what you need but you. Being in your own authority & working to create a life that honors that while also making strong boundaries around your “no’s” is a radical act. Honoring that others have the right to do the same is where Leo can shine. It wants everyone to be the star of their own show. We should take time to sit down & enjoy the performances our friends & neighbors create. We should let others have some time in the spotlight. That light can be the simple act of listening. To see them shine their light & to validate that that light matters IS Leo. Leo is shaded for always wanting the stage but it’s just trying to show us how to shine our lights. We can learn from that initially selfish vibe. Follow the royal footsteps, engage your right to your Leo energy. We all have some. Look at your Leo house & planet placements. This is how you Leo. Look deeper into how your express yourself here. Is it with healthy pride & ego or are you casting a huge shadow? Do you need to rehearse or take lessons to express yourself in a better way? This Moon can assist. Reach out if you have Q’s. 🦁 ♥️

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Moon in Leo REFLECTIONS. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

♌︎☽ ends on 2/19 5:47 pst⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What did you create during this Leo Moon babes? Did you connect with your self? You’re amazing heart is shining - can you feel it? Did you learn anything about your heart or your purpose during this Moon? Look back at the this Moon and notice what’s up for you? Look back at the last Leo Moon (Hint: you can always scroll back thru my feed for past Moon updates & track them back to your journals) Have you noticed any themes during this Moon? If you’re just starting this practice it helps to write down how you’ve felt during this cycle. Check in with mind, body AND spirit to see where you are now. Look forward at what’s coming and back at what just happened. There are no wrong ways to notice just trust your instincts and write down what comes thru. Notice the little things, the subtle things. What can you do to expand your knowledge of your Leo House themes, planets & placements? What did you learn about Leo during this cycle? Did you expand the way you study each sign? Do you see your Leo vibes coming thru more now? How do you Leo (yes, that is Leo as a verb)? What did you notice about those around you during this Moon? Were they more fun or more in need of attention? Did you have fun intentionally or did others draw you into it? Take careful, simple notes that you can reflect on when the Moon is back here in roughly a month. (March 16-18 to be exact) start thinking about good Leo activities for you to do then. What plans you can make now to use those royal vibes in the best possible way? What kinds of Radical Self Care can you plan for? Magic Mooning is easier when you have a Moon Tracking System. Try downloading my Pisces Zine to see where the Sun & Moon will be over the next few weeks. Reach out if you have questions. I love to help. Be brave & bold little lionesses- you’re strong & capable. I love you!

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