Moon In Gemini. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ PREP Moon in Gemini 2/14/19 @ 1:32 pst Oh the thinks you can think. Did you prep for this Moon? Magic Mooning is a challenging practice to create for yourself. I know, I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I still find new info & systems that help me deepen my connections to my chart, the Moon & these tools. Gemini is a great moon to sit & consider what you know. How do you know what you know? How do you value what you know? How do you feel about what you know? What do you want other people to know? WHAT do you know? What DO you know? What do YOU know? What do you KNOW? There is a lot to know. Does your mind feel busy? Do you want to write, research, talk, share, learn or teach today? Dooooo it. Spend some time with how your process your thoughts, feelings, beliefs & ideas. Make some plans for those ideal hands... you may find them flying all around while your talking. Express yourself & NOTICE when you go too far, say too much or when others do too. See if you can find grace. Note how you listen & see if you can listen more, listen better, listen openly. Set aside time to play games or tell jokes. It will help a great deal to let your mind unplug from the technology more during this Moon. You don’t want your brain to be the spinning wheel. Look at your chart for more detailed ideas & areas that you could focus on during this Gemini cycle. If you don’t know what any of this means...Reach out with questions. Love you Moon babes

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Gemini. 2/13 @ 1:32 pst - 2/15 @ 6:01 pst ♊︎ Gemini.

The twins. Duality, complexity, raw data, beliefs, knowing, communication, symbols. I know. The great debater, orator, & used car salesman. The Gemini shadow breaks up with you in a text. It also deeply believes the latest fad is true and that orange actually is the new black- until it’s not. The systems are busy, a flutter - just like the season of Gemini; full swing spring. The flies are buzzing, the flowers are popping out everywhere, animals are no longer starved from winter so they have a chance to get curious. There is a call to explore the local landscape & identify what’s new, what’s the haps, where the gossip? Ideas move around quickly in this mutable air energy. The vibe shows up in the nervous system & shoots out of the hands. Gemini is expressing it’s perspective. Sometimes it has to work a little harder at listening to others tho. How many lanes does your communication street have?? This is an excellent time to write, draw, learn about symbols, systems or languages. Kids often talk a blue streak during this Moon so see if this is a great time to engage the small ones in your life. Play games, tell jokes, solve puzzles, go on scavenger hunts. Don’t have a kid connection? Notice how the ones you bump into at the store are moving, behaving, expressing...see how tired their parents look. Offer some space & grace to these expressive energetics. You’re seeing Gemini is its pure form. Notice what comes up in your Gemini house. What do you know is true & what truth is keeping you from growing? Can you change your mind? What is a fact & what is a feeling. Moving past your own beliefs is hard. This is a good time to think about that. Please reach out if you have questions. I think you’re amazing busy bees. Keep on buzzing! 🐝 🌺 🌀

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Gemini REFLECTIONS. ♊︎☽ ends on 2/15 6:01 pst Tell me babes, what do you know? What have you learned? Did you get the chance to speak your truth? Did you take it? This post is coming a bit earlier than usual, that’s because I have a lot to say about all the upcoming transits. Plus it’s almost Pisces Season so the Zines are ready to launch. Woot! TONIGHT will be a good time to reflect in this airy moons gifts for you. But now that you’re really in getting into this Magic Mooning process take notice of what is going on around you today. Are people excessively chatty? Any over-sharing going on? There may be a bit of drama from a truth or too much info shared. A friend may need to tell you the same story six times. You may have had dreams with a lot of symbolism (or literal symbols) in them. You may see the same symbol(ism) now that you’re awake too. Try to notice that. Do some research on what those symbols mean. It’s a good time to write a letter (or, ok fine, an email) to an old friend. Plan a social engagement tonight, especially one that involves a game; trivia or riddles are especially welcomed by Gemini. Take the time to write down your random thoughts and the happenings so you can check back to this moon over the next few months. If you’ve been at this a little awhile please share any Gemini patterns you see coming thru for you. Happy Magic Mooning to you all! Please reach out if you have any questions babes! I’m here to help! 🌀💡💎

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