Moon In Capricorn. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆♑︎ —capricorn-- are you willing to work for it???

Healing is never easy. There’s no way it can arrive unless YOU do the work. You must be willing to sacrifice, struggle, surrender & submit to the changes ahead to reach a goal. Sometimes you also have to take responsibility for your part of the story, the process. This may also apply to childhood injuries -IF- you believe that you chose this life for a purpose at birth. Why did you pick those parents, siblings, teachers? What are you working towards during this journey? What karmic debts are you paying? Do you accept that you made this selection, rough & tumble parts & all? Ouch, thinking of your WeRK that way can hurt your mind. It can be a lot to take in. If you don’t believe you’ve chosen this life then what do you believe? What can assist you in making tools from the broken pieces of your hard experiences in this life? How can you use the knowledge & skills that survival has brought you? What is your WeRK work? Chiron, the planet that often represents how we turn our wounds into gifts has entered Aries. This transit of Chiron thru Aries promises healing to identity wounds but it doesn’t guarantee a quick trip there or a soft landing. Chiron’s story is a tale of a hardship at birth, a childhood injury, that leads to the decision to dedicate a whole life to constant study, practice, & mentorship; it is also about being wounded in the process of becoming the whole self. It wants us to start using that wound as the key to unlock our healing powers. This Capricorn Moon squares Chiron tonight. The next few days may ask you, “Are you willing to work for it?” Start to test your tools (old & new) cuz maybe you are. Take a small leap to see how those legs work. See if your weird tool is a key that unlocks a new door. Healing’s hard work but you were born with the right unique talents. Chances are you know them already but, “are you willing to work for it?” ★ Hey, reach out if you need to babes! Love you.

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