Moon In Cancer. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆ ⓜⓞⓞⓝ ⓘⓝ ⓒⓐⓝⓒⓔⓡ F E E L I N G S matter. Notice how you feel. As much as you may want to do not try to edit or logic away your feels RN babes. They may not “make sense” or “fit” what’s happening but that’s ok. They are messages for you babes. If they are inappropriate, reactionary, or confusing give them a minute. Sit with them. ASK them for more info. Take them to your cards, stones or pendulum & ask your guides to help you get the message. BE OK IF THEY JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE. They might not. Call your ancestors in to help you too. This is the sign of the past. It is the home of our ancestors (& descendants). Invite your family ties to assist you in this journey thru Pisces Season. This is a time when the mysteries are close by. Pisces wants to heal the collective wounds, the ancestral traumas, the hidden injuries. Enlightened service is the mission of watery Pisces. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. It wants to start an emotional process. It wants to gather, nourish, absorb & sooth. Check your Cancer house for additional themes for your Cancer Moon WeRK. The eclipses will happen in Cancer & Capricorn over the next year(ish) it’s a good idea to make a special note about what comes up during these two moons- there may be a bigger picture here for you. Gather up the pieces in your crabby pinchers & store it away in the pantry. It might be the key ingredient to bigger work this summer. Reach out if you need help finding Cancer in your chart. Visit my resources link for extra help. Book a reading if you’re wanting extra support. I am here to help babes. Love you.

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