Moon In Aries. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆ M○○Π IΠ ΔRIΣS ♈︎ A new cycle begins. It’s time to start. (Wait, where to start?) What is the goal? Where is the match? (Wait, who is in charge here?) The larger weathers seem to be overshadowing the Moon even as it shifts signs. Things are blurry AF. This is likely to be true for a while yet babes. It’s a good time to be doing internal work instead of doing your work in the world. Stay in slow mode. Where is your Aries house? What did those ♈︎ themes want from you during the past few Aries Moons? Likely they wanted action, movement, a leap! But this time they might not be able to see where that leap could take them. This is a good time to wait to take a big jump into the dark. Instead spend this time turning your power inwards. What does identity mean to you now? Who you be? Uranus just left ♈︎, which it’s called home since 2011. Chiron has taken up residence in this sign now. We’ve all made some HUGE identity shifts. Some of them were empowering and some were deeply painful. Now the bumps, bruises and burns must be healed. This Moon could be a subtle light you can use to take a look at what you’ve got going on here NOW. It’s a preview of what might be going on for you in this sign/house for the next 9 years... (& BONUS ROUND: The Sun & the next New Moon will happen in this domicile too) If you’re actually doin’ the Magic Mooning process with me then you’ll have some idea of what the Aries Moon has been bringing you. NOTICE how/if this Moon is bringing you something wildly different. Like, not totally opposite, but changed so much it’s almost hard to see the old thang- is it still there? Is THAT what Healing is? Or is that the discovery of the next layer of the wound? The process is what matters babes. See where you’re at. The next few weeks will offer some interesting insights unique to you- if you can decide NOT to impulsively jump into something else; if you can wait to strike the match. Can you wait? Spring is coming babes. Fire will return. Take some time to use your brain for something other than keeping your ears apart. Use it to stop & see inside of self. You’re really, truly stunning inside. Take a look. The new spark is in there.

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