Moon In Aries. Aquarius Season 2019

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy!

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ PREP Moon in Aries ♈︎ 2/8/19 @ 6:34pst Tell me babes... did you prep for this Moon or what? Did you prioritize yourself enough to get it all done on such a swirly day? Pisces is hard. The Moon is passing over Chiron, the wounded healer. Mars (the ruler or Aries) is about to conjoin Uranus, the planet of deviation. Venus, our value center is in Capricorn. Mercury is preparing to enter Pisces. Babes!!!! It’s a lot. So, your prep is to cut your self a break if you didn’t get to your prep. This is an early morning moon shift with a lot of energy around it. Give your self a big hug and let’s welcome the moon to the first sign in the Zodiac.... Aries. The warrior for justice, the entrepreneur, the idea generator, the spark of life! (Applause!!! -no really, clap for them, it’s safer! yayyyyyy, you’re here!!!) In Pisces we thought about deep shit. Everything, nothing, connections, atoms, spirits, unicorns, energy. Whoa. Now it’s time to think about you. Your self. Your me time. What is your heart’s desire? No really, what is it? Type it in the comments. WHAT do you want? What DO you want? What do YOU want? What do you WANT? Inflection, tone, body language, facial expressions. They all matter when you’re answering this question. So go ahead. This Moon is here to help you answer. Notice how it shows up for YOU the next two days. Reach out if you need help finding Aries in your chart. 🐏 ♥️

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G Moon in Aries ♈︎ 2/8 6:37pst- 2/10 17:28pst ♈︎ Aries.

The Ram. The first hint of spring blasting out of the cold ground. The beginning, the initiation, the warrior. This cardinal fire sign starts boldly, leaps blindly & feels vulnerably which is why it’s prone to both physical & emotional injury. It invests in it’s ideas. Sometimes it’s all in when it should be OUT. It hangs on & sometimes it pushes so hard it can be called a bully. But that’s not usually the intention. This sign wakes up life just before it surrenders to death. That’s a lot of energy, pushing forth spring. During this Moon you may feel called to get a lot done, we’ve been in that overwork vibe for awhile now thanks to Mars blazing thru here. That is about to end so a good exercise for this Moon might be to consider what you’re working for? Is it money? Fame? Notoriety? Your dreams? What? Why do you work? Does it bring you the things you want? Do you work for someone or for your self (or both). What house is your Aries (♈︎) in? Look at those house themes & see if this is a place in your life where there is a battle, a project or a big job RN. How’s that going?? Do you need to do something new here? This Moon may bring you just the fire you need to act on that need. It could also burn you right up. Notice the tired, sore & weary spots. This sign also brings bumps, bruises & missteps. Injuries are more likely when we are sleepless & harried. The weathers RN really want us to slow down & look around. Take some time to your self. Notice how that feels. You’re worth it babe. Truly. Reach out if you have questions or if you need help. 🐏 💕

M A G I C ☽ M O O N I N G ☾ Moon in Aries REFLECTIONS. ♈︎☽ ends on 2/10 17:28 pst Who are you now? What did you learn about your self, your heart’s desire, your passion? What did you learn about your Aries house? Did you notice any interaction with your Aries planets? How were others behaving? What did you body feel like? Now is the time to look back on your Aries Moon experiences. Record your ♈︎ Magic Mooning process simply (or intricately if that’s your jam) so you can come back here next time the Moon return to ♈︎ again. This is the process & the gift the Moon offers you. Once you see some themes for your unique experience during this Cardinal Fire Moon you’ll be able to prepare & plan for next time it comes back to visit again, roughly 25-26 days is the average cycle. This can be a very simple process or you can design what tracking system works best for you. If you need help tracking the Moon you can download my Magic Mooning Zines, which include calendars of each Sun Season. The Aquarius Sun Zine is still available for download but this season ends on the 18th. I also offer Magic Mooning subscriptions that include worksheets, Zines, & how to videos. The Pisces ☉ Season Zine & Subscription will be released tomorrow. Check my bio if you’re interested in that. I hope this Aries Moon helped you connect more with what you want. You deserve to live your best life ♈︎ babes!

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