Moon In Aquarius. Pisces Season 2019

☆MΔGIC M○○ΠIΠG☆ ♒︎ A̸͟͞Q̸͟͞U̸͟͞A̸͟͞R̸͟͞I̸͟͞U̸͟͞S̸͟͞ What’s is activism?

The waterbearer doesn’t have anything to do with water. Oh no. It is the sign that pours out the new ideas & systems for the world. It wants to find the best way. It is an innovator skilled at ingenuity & forward thinking. BUT it is also a fixed sign so it can become fanatical about what it believes is truth. It can create systems that operate under it’s rules and laws so quickly that it doesn’t always test for the side effects. It can also become so stuck in a philosophy or a pattern it gets rigid & hypocritical. This Moon lets you take a look at your beliefs, ethics & patterns. It can be a good time to take notes on what needs to be adjusted but take caution when attempting to change something big. Aquarius is a revolutionary, it is an activist & sometimes that can look more like total destruction and tossing out the whole project than helpful change. Aquarius is the scientist, the researcher, the data analyst -use this energy to take a look at your life. You’re worth the time. If you find a glitch in your matrix it’s ok to shift your platform. Change is our constant companion. It’s ok to adjust our policies to meet the current needs. These times have been rough & we’ve been fighting a tough fight for some time now. If you’ve become stuck in an ideology the Moon/Venus conjunction can assist you in tweaking your values back into alignment. If you’re feeling on point with your mission keep an eye out for others who are going too far. You may notice a loud crowd of soapbox shouters. If you’re in the mood for debate, by all means step into the ring, but if not- don’t! These trolls be the worst kind babes. It’s best to lay low. Go out dancing or to hear some music instead. It’s a good time for fun & casual socializing. Take care my sweet, weird friends!

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