Sagittarius Season 2018

Sun in Sagittarius! It’s time to celebrate, let loose, go a little wild (or a lot wild?!?). It’s no accident that the holidays kick off with the shift of the Sun into the sign of joyous revelry. The only advice I have is; watch for too much of a good thing. Especially this year when Jupiter is also here in it’s happy home sign. The gas giant literally has no boundaries. Do you? There is much to learn, expand & grow this season- and for the next year. This Mercury Rx is likely showing you a thing or two about excess & indulgence too. Don’t forget to notice how you’re (really) feeling & what’s coming up for you- even when the holiday shuffles get you twisted. The freedom seeker vibe we’re in won’t like obligations or restrictions. Allow yourself a bit of escape on your own terms & it may be easier to behave at social engagements. This time of year is hard for many people so engage your inner humanitarian & chances are you’ll heal quite a few of the sore spots you have RN. It will take a few days to fully feel the Sag energy, especially after all the Scorpio rays we’ve been under for the last year. Take your time & don’t let this mutable fire sign encourage you to leap & then look. If you want to burn off some excess fire- dance, run, hike or use your legs to do some high kicks. What’s in your Sag house? The Sagittarius Zine is now available for download. Please click the link in the pic to order yours. This will help you see how the Sag Season may be bringing you abundance & luck. It will also prolly show you where you need to work on commitments, boundaries & engaging your adventure seeking muscles. Go wild my little ponies- at least once & a while. Love you 🐴!

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