Moon In Virgo. Aquarius Season 2018

☆I made some changes in Aquarius Season- I did three posts for each Moon. One for preparation, one for during & one for reflection. I’ve merged these posts together into the blogs in this season. This is an attempt to teach you how to use my posts for Magic Mooning. I hope you like(d) it. Enjoy! 

Moon in Virgo. The perfectionist, nurse & nutritionist. Focused on cleanliness & sterility, this sign can easily be overwhelmed by the dirty work life brings. However... this sign is also known to have the sexiest secret closets. This is curious since people often think of other signs as sexual creatures. You’re invited to do some research on the Vestal Virgins - come on in sweet things, let’s learn a thing or two about this Mutable Earth energy. Notice your responses to these historical stories (myths, legions, tall tales) about ancient women’s lives. Dig into several sources because they reveal a lot about how & why we are still trying to find a balance between the masculine & feminine energies inside all of us. The tricks of the ancient overlords to cast sex, sexuality & especially female sexuality as dirty, sinful, & trampy was a genius way to stomp out one of the most powerful forces on Earth: sacred sexual magic. When you react to a beautiful person your physical response is magic. It’s juicy & maddening because it’s powerful. It is the force of creation. One who harnesses this force is the winner. Now notice how you feel when you compare yourself to this kind of beauty. Let the ways you make judgements and critiques come to into focus. Why do you do this? Why are you comparing you to someone else’s features? What is it about their power that threatens you? Why do you allow these thoughts to restrict or temper your own fire? I invite the ladies to go deeper. Consider jealousy, cliquish behaviors & fucking fashion magazines for a sec. How are these things keeping you from your own true powers? These comparisons bring you a dislike for your own sexual self but they also cast a negative energy at the being you’re jealous of. These behaviors keep people in competitive mindsets with each other- especially women. When they separated us from each other they took away our power. They made it easier to capture, contain & assault us. We see these dominant behaviors as the worse oppression & sometimes we overlook our harsh treatment of each other as one of their finest weapons. During this Moon take some time to consider where your judgement is rooted. Hold that ingrained response under a microscope & really analyze it. Consider if it’s a threat to evolution. Decide if it’s actually healthy or helpful to you. If not then it’s time to lay the ground work to untangle these conceptions. For the dudes out there I ask you to consider what comes up for you when you think about protecting the women you love most. What are you biggest fears there and why do you think you have them? What kind of misconceptions do you have about the needs of women? For example, the age old tale about dad’s needing to clean their guns to protect their daughters. I invite you to really think about the deeper layers of this famous mindset. Are the daughters really property or are they just too weak to ever keep themselves safe? Is the father worried about rapists or his own daughters desires for sexual interactions? (Maybe both?). These old stories need to be rewritten. During this Moon let’s consider why. Look at your Virgo house to gather information about your sexual desires and/or repressions (or, hopefully your healthy & blossoming awakenings!). Notice how it’s connected to your ability to judge. How can these house themes help you open up around jealousy, snobbery & classifications of others? Reach out if you have questions or if you need help. Love you babes. Love you so much!

Virgo Moon Day II... the release of the marvelous Venus Jupiter conjunction is happening now also. How is your values & judgement re-evaluation going? Have you noticed those moments where you think the worst things about others? Have you analyzed those moments where you think the worst-worst things about yourself? What is beauty, value, sweetness? What is sexy, lovely, intimate? What is taboo, kinky, dirty? Who is pretty and who is not? Why do you get to decide? Just because you have eyeballs, thoughts, certain genitals? Can you let this harshness go? Where have you adjusted these beliefs and responses? Give yourself a hug for even starting this process. This is a dark secret (especially for the ladies) because sisterhood can be a brutal, cliquish, judgmental battleground. We don’t really wanna go there and admit that, especially not these days; BUT(tcheeks)- the truth is we need to- we must. We are often our own worst enemies babes. If we’re gonna even out the distribution of power we have to start with all the self love which leads us to the sister love, the body love, the earth love, the sex magic love and the power of love love. We have to stop acting jealous, objectifying others, being obsessive consuming-ass over consumers. I ain’t saying it’s easy to change all of these thangs overnight but we get one of these Virgo Moons each month...let’s see if we can commit to 2.5 days of each cycle to knocking this shit off? Whataya say??? I love you babes. You’re sexy, witty, smart, ferocious creatures. To me, you’re perfect.

Virgo Reflections:  Take note babes. Things are changing. Things are shifting. Things are moving in a different direction and that’s bigger than just seeing more diversity in advertising. A window of change is opening. We must adjust our collective selves to be able to walk thru. Make note of your thoughts, feels, ideas & activities over the last 2.5 days. We’re gonna come back to this again in about 26 days. We’re growing our magical practice. We’re starting to see what our magic muscles can do. ⭐️ Take another look at your Virgo house and see how much you’ve changed since Tuesday night. Sometimes it’s the little things we miss. What was the smallest shift you made during this Moon? What had the biggest impact? Notice. Note. We’re gonna cycle back here again & again. Soon we may see a pattern. Soon we may progress faster and faster towards our goals and desired changes. Magic Mooning is a real thing bbs. Are you ready for the shift? Want to know more about the Moon shifts? Track the moon using my Magic Mooning Zines. You can now download the Aquarius Season pocket zine and sign up for a Seasonal Subscription (which will start on 2/10/19 for Pisces Season). These magical tools help you track the Moon in your chart using my hand drawn print outs, journal prompts, coloring sheets, videos & more. Links to purchase are in the bio & on my website. ♥️🌙🔮

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