Moon In Leo. Aquarius Season 2019

Moon in Leo. The heart of the matter. The royal jester AND the crown. Both jobs are equally important. This Moon has been doing a lot of work the last 18 months. It’s brought forth a lot of lessons about Radical Self Care & how we turn that practice into fuel for protecting everyone. When we are maintaining healthy boundaries around our own needs we will have the energy to care for others. Leo teaches us about the light side of ego, pride, attention & playfulness. We always need these traits to be in balance. We don’t need to resist selfishness all together. This Moon started with an intense eclipse but now it may ask you to play. It may see if it can get you to be light for no good reason except that it’s FUN. Let your inner child out. Go play with kittens. Laugh at something basic like falling down. Ease up in the serious tip babes. We’re gonna get plenty of that over the next year- so don’t get it twisted. Take your silly breaks where you can. Check your Leo house for the areas that you may need to lighten up a bit. With the Sun in Aquarius now it should be easy to find a friend to join you or a party to go to (or both). Regardless, be well & let those golden hearts shine bright! Meow kittens. You’re purrrfect. I love you.

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