Aquarius Season 2019

Sun in Aquarius. A new Saturnian vibe arrives tonight. It’s much different than the one we’ve been under. It is flavored with Uranus and a whole lot of holy shit another eclipse is coming!!! This season may bring you some surprising insights but first let’s focus on the lunation in a series of whoppers. Look back over the last year (to 1.5 years) in your Aquarius/Leo houses. What have you surrendered (willingly or otherwise) in these life themes? What have you made room for going forward here? Generally this polarity is about social awareness, Radical Self Care, & bein yo damn self no matter what. In your own chart there is another flavor so please, read the scopes by the pros & enjoy the upswing of Astro Pop Culture, just don’t forget that your chart is YOUR MAP. There is more to this science than your Sun sign!! If you’re ready to learn some Astro now is an excellent time to do so! Aquarius loves the weird & wonderful world of magic, aliens, robots & science fiction too. Look, it’s gonna get weird babes. Go with it or move on over to the sidelines. Aquarius has plans to change the future & at this point that’s where we all need to focus our super powers. Put on your capes & let’s get to work! This Saturn rules sign knows how to do things in a Brand New Way. Jump out of your boxes & let’s go! The Aquarius Magic Mooning Zines is up in my store. New Magic Mooning Subscriptions are also available. And I even have a few appointments available for bookings thru February- better get one cuz they won’t last! Love you freaks!!! ♒︎☉🔮🌙👽👾

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