Moon In Cancer. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Cancer. A belly of feels. Here they come, a belly full of feels. Oh my. This is going to be a busy zodiac sign over the next year. N O T I C E your feels during this Moon babes. How do you express them? Release, embrace, dismiss them? Do you hide them, stuff them, eat them, buy them trinkets? When do they get you in to trouble? This Moon is centered in feelings and emotions. See if you can really figure out the difference between these two words. See if you can really figure out the difference between your feels. Sometimes it’s actually not what you think your feeling that’s coming thru. Check you Cancer house to see where your cup might overflow over the next two days. At home, at work or just in your own mind? How can you embrace the process of not only feeling your feelings but validating, owning and/or changing them too? Take notes as the Full Moon approaches. What emotional connections could you release this Sunday during the eclipse? The next six months will be tied to that Full Moon and what you weave in now is going prolly to be important so don’t brush past the feelings. Let go of the feels that you’ve held on to too long and perhaps you’re gonna make some room to gestate some newer, healthier and more supportive emotions. Let them to move in like lapping waves. I love you babes. I really, really do.

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