Moon In Gemini. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Gemini. What you know. This Moon brings an awareness of self & the power of thought. We think therefore we....? Do you know? Once you know it you can’t un-know it. You can forget but can you forgive? This Moon may ask you to consider letting go of something that will really unlock your soul’s purpose. Watch how you’re called to really consider what you know and how you think. Thoughts become things babes. If you’re fixated on something try to find a few moments of stillness to consider why. Is it something you’re avoiding or something you’re trying to manifest that just won’t leave your mind? What old habits might you need to completely deviate from in order to calm this mental electricity? This Moon may bring you some insights into how you’re beliefs & your mindset might be the blocks you’re facing or the pieces you’re missing. Gemini loves puzzles, riddle & games so if you’ve been all work and no play now is an excellent time to plan some socializing & fun. Be wary of the debates & conversation topics becoming too intense. Gemini can talk until they are blue. They can’t always tell what’s a fact & what’s a feeling, Try to find other pathways to communicate if things get off track. Notice where magical topics come up when you chat with a stranger or new friend. Do they bring you answers or solutions to your puzzles? This Moon is a good time for divination with Runes, dice, or tarot- Gemini loves symbols. Look for signs. What does the Universe what you to know? Your Gemini house themes will tell you more about where you could look to better understand your thoughts, beliefs & ideas. This is also a time where you could take in too much digital content. Plan ritualistic breaks from technology & use your hands for something else... like writing a letter to a friend on paper (oooo, snail mail!). I love you babes!! Reach out if you have questions! 🖐🏼

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