Moon In Taurus. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Taurus. The resources. The keeper of the goods. The awareness of what is mine & what is yours. What is valuable? We think we know but it turns out we might have it wrong. This Moon is one to watch because each time it enters Taurus we are likely to learn a thing or two about changes in value. This is part of that cycle of Uranus moving back to into Taurus. This is a Moon to notice & record because it’s going to show you where great changes, innovations & disruptions may come to you over the next 8-ish years. Check your Taurus house themes to see where you may see these shifts beginning. The overarching cultural theme of Taurus is resources; esp. natural resources. Food, land, water, air... who owns these? How items are collected, owned, shared & used will be of concern. The state of the environment is often a common topic. It is time to consider if there is enough for everyone to be cared for or not. It is time to decide if a wall is really what we need, and if so, are we building it around the right things. It is time to decide if we want to value human lives over gold toilet seats, Kim’s ass & investors dividends. Taurus wants to have literally all the things but it also wants others to have just as much (or more). Notice your call to generosity & sharing during this Moon. Are you overindulging? Where is your relationship with stuff at RN? What would you sacrifice to see real progress in the world..? Would you give up your favorite luxuries so a few families can be safe here in the US? How about half your wardrobe? Your tv streaming app? Really, where is your line? How far would you go to even out the distribution of natural resources? Let this Moon change your perspective on what’s most important. Move towards the realization that this planet does have enough resources for everyone to live & be well. There are just more powers working to convince you that you don’t have enough. The sooner we all become conscious of this mechanism the sooner we can really change directions. What is the thing you’re chasing now? How are you working towards it? Why do you want it? Make a list or share here. Let’s take a look at what’s calling us right now. Love you babes

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