Moon In Aries. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Aries. Tell your Self the truth. This Last Quarter Moon in Aries is all about editing your “I am” statements. Use them wisely during these next few days as the Sun and Moon create a tense square with each other to bring excellent vibes for “pouring it all out”. Look back at that New Moon in Capricorn to see what intentions, while set with the best mindset, you may need to restate/edit. Aries is the sign of new beginnings. Capricorn is the sign of hard work. Together they are an entrepreneurial powerhouse. There are many planets in both RN. The call to work our asses off the last two weeks is no accident. But, what happens when you’re overtired from overwork can be just that, AN ACCIDENT. Notice where you need to slow down. You may have set some serious boundaries last week but this week -poof!- they might be gone. Pump the breaks long enough to gather the informational magic that is swirling & grinding all around you. What is all of this (over)work teaching you about YOU? Who are you at work? Truth is your friend. This post is all about you. I challenge you to make five “I am” power statements for this Aries Moon & share them, here or with friends. Own these statements. You deserve to feel confident, powerful & respected but you’ll get there faster if you offer these feelings to your self first. Taking the time to study & express these new insights during this Moon may transform you. You may have entirely new health & wellness rituals in place by Monday morning. These changes may sting. You may have to end relationships or leave communities but you must begin to show up as your most authentic you. This Moon ends this visit with a square to the nodes. This may give you a powerful indication of what your eclipse WeRK will be this season. The past & the present will pull you tightly. Watch as the new you begins to decide which way it wants to move. Your Aries house will give you some hints about the feels but it’s Cancer & Capricorn that could bring the most info. Those house themes are big for you in 2019. If you’re not sure how to find them, reach out here or check the resources page on my website. Happy Mooning to you all. I love to love you babes!

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