Moon In Pisces. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Pisces. All. The. Things. Babes. This dreamy moon may have you emotionally untethered after this initial acceleration of Mars into Aries and Mercury into Cap recently. That had us all acting a bit pushy or feeling completely pushed depending on where we’re currently standing. Now we have a square between the Moon & Venus. A tension between how we feel & what we really want is possible here. With Sagittarius & Pisces energy involved in this aspect it may be that we want to completely overindulge in ALL THE THINGS. Especially the things we likely just put on our resolutions list. Watch where you’re tempted to sooth the slights of the last few days with your favorite emotional comforts. Notice what is actually comforting & what is just a habit you’re trying to avoid. Seek new ways to soothe your self during this Moon. This is an excellent 2.5 days to cash in those gift cards for fun &/or relaxation if you have them. Do things that activate your imagination & creativity. See how inviting THAT energy in changes your moods. Have a deep inner dialog about how you do connect to your core values in a healthy way. If there is an injury that keeps bringing you back to bad habits or a past hurt that keeps you from making changes you want to make consider what gentleness & comfort those old wounds need. Hold them up & give them the attention you would a new baby or a stray kitten. They deserve that love & affection just because. There is no logic or reason involved when we give care to them. The same tenderness may help you understand why these issues keep returning to you. Don’t cover them up with false sweetness. Let them talk to you, let them weep with you. You may communicate better with them during dreams or meditations too. Keep your journals close. As always check your Pisces house for deeper clues & themes in your life. Reach out if you have questions. I love you babes. 🌈 🦄 🖤

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