Moon In Aquarius. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Aquarius. The scientist is here to innovate, improve, progress. Is it also here to prove it? Evidence is useful but it’s also capable of blocking a revelation. It’s capable of clouding the magic we need to evolve. Logic can disconnect us from intuition & emotion. We need those babes. This Moon brings the potential of great realization. That gift may be just ahead but accessing it may require facing a truth that has no evidence or proof. It could be a mystical sign or a magical update and it will be yours & yours alone- if you should decide to accept that it will likely take great deviance to find it. Aquarius is fixed air. It is logical, factual & big thinking. It doesn’t believe in boxes but it does believe in patterns. Finding this message from the Universe may require you to look at everything up side down or inside out or backwards... this is the sign of the wonderfully weird. If you’ve been stuck in a pattern, notice. How can you change it? What’s the new pattern you need to see to reinvent your future? Those goals you just made... this is your chance to tweak them with a bit of magic. Make them a little stranger. Add in the quirky Aquarius energy to everything you’re doing the next few days. See if that brings you answers to all the things have been stuck. In a few weeks an eclipse will happen right at the beginning of Leo, the opposite of this sign. This is the last eclipse in Leo/Aquarius polarity. Look back now at the last 1.5 years. What have you changed or grown in your Aquarius/Leo house themes? Is there something here that just won’t give? If you have a stuck point in these houses try to spend the next two days doing some seriously weird shit around these blocks and see if that shakes anything loose. Look for patterns in unexpected places. Head out and have some fun with friends and don’t take your Self or your WeRK over the next few days too seriously (there will be plenty of time for that vibe this year). Focus on what’s outside the box for a bit. Maybe the magic will surprise you with the perfect gift. Love you babes. Be 👽

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