New Moon in Capricorn, Solar Eclipse 2019

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★New Moon Capricorn★ ☉Partial Solar Eclipse☽ We enter a new gateway today. This cosmic portal leads us to new structures, foundations & kin. The eclipse cycle in Capricorn & Cancer fully opens today. What do our ancestors have to say? What do we want to say to our descendants? This path wants a better global management system (not just all these power hungry government structures). It needs a stronger understanding of familial bonds. It wants us to give a F*UCK about feelings, emotions, & healing our hurts. It wants us all to be at home. It calls us to care about our bones, our teeth, & how we are nourished. It calls us to take care of each other, to value health(care). It asks us to consider the pure power of BOTH the feminine & the masculine. It wants us to see that we can’t have one without the other. It may harshly demand devotion to both. It will show us when we swing to far into nativism, nationalism, & extremism. Notice where you’ve shut doors & windows out of fear or frustration. These signs would honor a symposium or conference on working together to build a world were everyone has MORE THAN just their basic needs met. It will also support boundaries that end toxic relationships so don’t forget that. You can tear down the past too. These signs will call for the inclusion of Earth Magic (aka: science) in Every. Damn. Thing. We. Do. [Again]! We are all connected to every element but Earth & Water are what we’re literally made of. Regrounding our SELF in that [knowledge | truth] will make this tense, powerful, chaotic collection of cosmic collisions* in 2019 (-2021 😳) easier! We have some huge "these are the days that make history" shifts coming. If hearing that is overwhelming seek out support systems now my 🖤’s- cuz it’s happening no matter what we do. Fear is a shadow of these two signs. Fear of lack, loss & safety must be considered deeply now. Check your consumerism at the door. Set your intentions by looking at your Capricorn/Cancer house themes. Reach out if you need help finding that info. Know you are a valuable piece of this Universe & work accordingly. Help others know this truth too. Change is constant- embrace it. 🖤🐐🦀

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