Moon In Capricorn. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Capricorn. The boss babe. The structure, the CEO & the government official. This Cardinal Earth Sign is ready build it OR to tear it down equally, depending on the current needs. Which side are you on today? Are you overworked yet? Did you take my advice & set your me time & fun time in stone before this week arrived? How’s that going so far? 🙃 Do you see now why I recommended that? These weathers are not just coming from the Moon - Cap’s powerful but no Moon can move this much energy around on its own. There are MANY strong transits happening RN. It’s even hard for astrologers to keep up frankly. We are not released from transits just because we watch them the way most people watch Netflix. I don’t even know what day it is AND I HAVE a Capricorn Moon. These are “hardcore, get going, make it work, build that sh*t now” kinda weathers. Folks are prolly hot, bothered & kinda ridiculous RN. (Pssst, yes, that means YOU might be all these things too!) Hence my suggestion to make a calendar that schedules in your get away from work WeRK time. Taking space to consider & reflect on what’s up lately takes dedicated time in weathers like these! You gotta be intentional. If you didn’t plan ahead you may need to pull the emergency break & re-assess. You are the boss. If things are feeling out of control -STOP. There is much to learn about your work (AND your WeRK). Unfortunately there is also a pretty strong chance you’re gonna fly off at the mouth of you don’t let off some steam. Any time you’re about to lose your cool look around & consider what THAT emotion wants to teach you. Caps aren’t known for their love of the feels- this can be your Cap shadow work. What tool does this emotion intend to bring you? What does your Cap house want? Your feels are not nonsense or irrelevant - look at em first. Give em attention. See em. If it turns out they’re misguided, don’t shame em or stuff em away. Be grateful for the info & Instruct em to redirect that energy to a qualified & useful task. Instruct them to CHANGE. Treat em like they matter. They ARE a tool in this chaos. It’s your job to figure out how to use them well. Need help? Reach out. My Cap Moon sends you love!

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