Moon In Sagittarius. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Sagittarius. The archer seeks the truth. On their adventure the seeker finds a truth & must philosophize what to do with this expansive new knowledge. Sometimes learning the truth gives us powerful tools to move forward. Sometimes it wounds us & we must relearn how to carry on thru grief or anger. Sagittarius never longs for stronger foundations or deeper commitments, it’s mutable Fire energy wants to spark a new idea or move to the next place. The current Astro vibes around us RN are calling for structure & roots AND fun & adventure. Much of this year’s Astro will feel like this: equal on both sides. Make little loops babes. Like this: Structure ♾ Adventure ♾ Structure ♾ Adventure. Go in & out of both. This process may lead you to great enlightenment this year. Take note loves especially cuz 2020 may be All. The. Structure... have SOME fun now darlings, there will be time to work! Look to your Sagittarius house to tell you more about where, when, & what might be the best kind of fun for you! Prepare those Capricorn New Moon intentions with YOUR kinda fun as a focal point. Plan out how you’re gonna flow from structure to adventure & back again in 2019. This weekend’s New Moon is P O W E R F U L 🌙 M A G I C babes. You can solidify your best possible 2019 by committing to adventures & structure equally for the next 28 days (AND go even bigger by setting goals for both the next 6 months & the year too). We make resolutions this time of year for a reason babes- it’s Capricorn Season!!! You’re worthy of the dedication & devotion it’s gonna take to rock this year’s socks off! Love you little explorers!!! Get out there & have some fun. 🦄

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