Moon In Scorpio. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Scorpio. The dark underneath is back. Are you getting used to coming here yet? Are you seeing why you’re here? What patterns are you noticing during this Moon? There is healing in these-here waters babes -but- you must wade in, you might even need to swim out. You must let your waters merge with the dark water. That release is ♏️ WeRK. Notice how you might have tensed up in the last few hours. Did you find yourself resisting an emotional release? Have you been thinking over (or overthinking) an injury or change from the past today? Are you afraid drastic change is coming again? Notice how you flinch or recoil from change. Relax your brow- you might get a tension headache if you don’t. Notice your reactive self. What does it need? Don’t hold back babes| float. Wade in, swim out. Be fearless in the dark. Know that this part of the process is ALSO required for true growth, deep healing. Each time you avoid it you end up back here again staring at the waters edge, afraid of what you don’t know. Make room for others to have the same experiences. Notice them & stand aside. This may not be a time to wade in to their waters. Fear causes panic & panicked swimmers can be dangerous. We don’t want to expose ourselves to the sharp words & harsh realizations of others. We each have our own waters. We do have to learn to face this dark alone. Stillness & quiet are our friends. This is just two days. If you’re overwhelmed just pick one feeling to WeRK. Look at your Scorpio house for themes/clues about where you could focus your emotional releases. If you’ve been following me a while look back at your Scorpio & Taurus Moon notes to see if you’ve got some good patterns forming. If you do, notice what’s ready to float away. Don’t fear the dark babes. It’s value was taken away along with our magic, the divine feminine & our psychic connection to Earth. They want you to be afraid of the dark’s power to heal. Instead be brave; wade in, swim out. I love you.

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