Moon In Libra. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Libra. Balance, Justice & Equality. Surely it is this moon’s important work to ease tension. This is the sign of relationships indeed, but... this Moon may be asking you to notice only one key relationship right now- the one with YO SELF! Take some stock in how well you’re treating YOU babes. Do you give your self enough hugs? Can you make space for your own feelings? Libra’s shadow is a teeny-tiny, wait no, extra-a lot of passive aggressive. It wants balance & flow but it also can get flustered by the constant emotional needs of other. It ignores slights until I cannot anymore- then it bites & instantly feels bad for biting. Right now we are in a weird AstroWeather lull. But that’s all about to shift & it may be ‘ride or die’ for a lot of us in the month of January so this Moon wants you to sit down with you and have a serious talk about your relationship. Is it fair? Equal? Balanced? Is there unresolved tension between you & yourself? What can give so there is more harmony? Look, we’re not talking ‘get more me time’ this time babes. We’re talking about truly giving your self the respect you deserve. Write down the best things about you & make your next New Moon intentions list about all the ways you’re gonna honor and worship you, You, YOU!!! Don’t even add anyone else to that list. Think about you & your needs alone. Notice how hard it is to DO this. That’s your Libra WeRK today. By this time next week you might see the shadow side of everyone not taking this advice. They will be using selfishness & self gratification as a hot little weapon. Don’t be like them. (I mean, make room for them- maybe share my work with them??) but be prepared now to avoid being like them. It may get quite hot in hurr for the next month babes. Be cool & confident that your SELF is now noticed/seen. Look at your Libra house for the ways in which you can care better for your self. Look at the planets there to see if they have anything to say about who you are. Who you are matters. You deserve your love babes. Get that hug started now- then, go ahead and hang on until you’re convinced of your worth. Love you!

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