Moon In Virgo. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Virgo. The healer, the priestess, the witch. The doors to the Woo Closet no longer have locks my darlings. They are starting to fly open. They magic is rising up & with this surge comes the fear of judgement that shadow Virgo is known for. The historical torture & oppression of magical culture has been long & horrifying. It’s in all human DNA by now - fear Magic (see:science, faith, love). But we all hear the magic calling us. What is your magic saying? What door is it opening? Are you spending a lot of time & energy resisting that call? Are you ignoring your inner shifts? Are you looking away from the signs? Are you comparing your magic to the magic of others? Notice these tiny details that appear around you during this Moon. Virgo messages are sometimes complex codes. Take time to reflect on why you have resistance to YOUR unique magic; where does this block stem from? What is the source of your magic & can you willingly open the door to it? Does nothing I am saying make sense to you at all? Why don’t you believe you have magic? Look at your Virgo house themes. Look at your Virgo planet & points placements. What are the keywords for these placements? Analyze these words & themes to see if you can see your magic form in/thru them. Make a sentence about your magic! Not sure where to start to connect to your magic? Schedule a reading with me (or another magical practitioner that calls to you). Ask THAT question you’re afraid to ask: where is MY magic? The Earth has little patience left for us my darlings. We are not destroying her, we are destroying our selves. Magic can reconnect us to her. It can also join us again to each other & to how we can begin to thrive in our collective future. The doors to the Woo Closet no longer have locks. Open ‘em up and come on it- it’s nice in here. Love you babes. Please reach out if you need directions to your doors- magic made you a 🗺 🚪 🔮🌙

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