Moon In Leo. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon In Leo. The Golden Heart Light. Dramatic energy trying to teach us about Radical Self Care. We moved thru ALL of our feeeeelings during the Cancer FULL Moon into this Fixed Fire energy of expression. MEowwww babes! Be creative & theatrical while watching for the reactions others have to you. Notice: was that too far? Are you bringing your truth forward with these skits or are you being a bit snarky & underhanded in your expressions? We’re trying to say what we mean to say RN- but try not to sing them in your Broadway voice loves. If you put on a costume & mock your own (or others feelings) you’re prolly not doing it right babes. This Moon can be a bit of an emotional terrorist in the shadows. If you have secret feelings to work thru try creating art that expresses in an authentic way. People do want to know about your feels. They do want to validate & see you but sometimes they don’t always do it the way you demand that they do. Your feelings are not facts nor do they have the right to rule over the feelings of others. If you notice that you’re selfishness becomes unhealthy or extra try to walk it back. Try to notice why this happens? Is it maybe because YOU are not taking care of YOU? Alone time may be VERY helpful today. It’s not everyone else’s responsibility to make sure you’re always happy & bright. No one owes you all the things you want. Perhaps you need to create an interpretive dance to The Rolling Stones classic “You can’t always get what you want” cuz you can’t kitty cats, you can’t. The royal vibes of this sign may bring out the toddler in others too- especially in these frantic holidaze energies. Let them have a minute if you can because even kittens have claws. Stay on the light side of the jungle queen by making jokes, dancing around, being silly & expressing your creativity. Shine that heart light brightly for your self babes. You’re worthy pretty kitty, oh yes, you are. Loves to you all.

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