Moon In Cancer. Capricorn Season 2018/19

Moon in Cancer ☽ Hearth, family, ancestors, the past. These themes may swim up from the watery world of Cancer now. We’ve changed Seasons at the same time as we meet the Full Moon in the sign of the Mother. We will feel ALL the feels. They maybe conflicting. The newly Capricorn Sun may wake us full of purpose & goals, especially given the holiday vibes surrounding a lot of folks. The hustle & bustle is very Cappy. Napping & eating soup is very Cancer. These overwhelmingly busy & stressful times can make us sick, exhausted & emotionally raw. Watch how family issues rise to the surface over the next two days. Is it a coincidence that these holidays line up with the shift of the Sun into the house of traditions & cultural structures? I’m gonna say, nope. The moon in the house of safety, nurturing & the Mother doesn’t always line up exactly to these celebrations but this year, poetically, it has. We are also entering the Cap/Cancer eclipse season -meaning- there will be a lot of collective energy focused here for the next year. Take careful note of what comes up for you the next 48 hrs. These few days are going to show you what you may need to let go of around the themes of these two signs. Look at your Cancer/Cap houses for more specific themes that may arise. You’ll be able to set both Moon cycle (the next 28 days) AND annual releasing goals today. Take some time to sit down & notice how you feel about family, ancestors, tradition & safety. Why DO you celebrate these traditional holidays? Do you? If not, why? How does this time of year feel? Obligation, guilt, pressure & stress are common themes for a lot of folks this time of year. In what ways could we culturally shift to change that? It’s an excellent time to think about rebuilding our ideals. Check in with your strongest friends to see how they are doing. Capricorn can drive us to work too hard. Cancer can drive us to hide from our hardest WeRK. The reason we’ve been coming together for so long this time of year is to evaluate our group dynamics; to test the bonds of family & clan. As the Full Moon in Cancer approaches now we may see why a test of bonds is regularly required. Change is good. ♥️🦀

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