Full Moon in Cancer 2018

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FULL MOON 🌕 C A N C E R: Some of us are meant to break the bonds of tradition & clan- not for the purpose of blatant destruction but to rebuild something better. The world is filled with stories of the rogue member of the group who challenges the way it’s always been. We love those stories. Yet were often hurt or confused when someone wants to challenge our traditions. Nostalgia is sold to us as a sweet goal for life planning. “Remember when...” and “Make American Great...” are the results of this nostalgia. Clannish & nativist beliefs were established to protect us from all kinds of dangers -IN THE PAST- but do those dangers exist now? Consider this as you make your Full Moon Releases today. Reflect on your traditions, habits, family dynamics & cultural norms. Have those expectations & structures enriched your life? Caused injury? Look at your chart to see what your Cancer/Capricorn houses say about your relationship to family, ancestors & the past. Do you need to make changes here? Now is the time to let go of what doesn’t serve you in this area. Clean out the historical archive closets to make room for the new things that you need to grow & improve your connections to YOUR peeps. Be the renegade in your own story if you need to. Improve a tradition. Consider the WHY around these nostalgic patterns before blindly following them. The next New Moon will be an eclipse in Capricorn. A new cycle is arriving now. Go ahead & make some big goals- these two signs can handle it. Reach out if you have questions or if you need support. Happy Winter, Happy Magic Mooning, & many blessings babes! 💋

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