Capricorn Season 2018/19

It’s ★C A P R I C O R N ★ season! Welcome to the season of WeRK! Welcome to the sign of motivation, dedication & getting sh*t done. Try to remember what you learned about fun in Sagittarius season tho babes. All work and no play makes the goat grouchy. It’s time to make those resolutions & goals but FIRST you might want to take advantage of the Full Moon in Cancer that’s happening first thing tomorrow morning. It’s time to let go of grudges, the past, familial & ancestral baggage &/or anything that could make your new foundation unstable. Let it all be washed away by the nourishing waters of Cancer. Give your Self the space to feel the feelings that you don’t allow to surface. Notice what truths you’ve revealed over the last few weeks- really give them the honor they deserve. All of your feelings are valid babes. Let them bubble up, see if those truths are the tools you need to start the process of rebuilding or reWeRKing. Your goal is searching for the gifts that lie ahead of you. You’re worth the time & energy it takes to do this part. Don’t skip or skimp because that might leave you with a cracked foundation later. Look at your Capricorn house and it’s themes for info on where your tools may be. Do you have planets there? Find out what it’s like to have the Sun (our ego-our heart light- our purpose) come into contact with those natal planets in your chart. What tools would you be able to get from devoting some time to those planet’s themes? Need help finding out how to get that info? Reach out or book a reading. I am happy to help. From the bottom of my Capricorn Stellium/heart I wish you all the very best the ambitious season has to offer. I love you, now get to WeRK! 🐐

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