Moon In Gemini. Sagittarius Season 2018

Moon in Gemini. What do you know? What truth have you been in conversations with these last few weeks? What realizations have come forward? Have your beliefs changed? This Moon brings forward an energy that can assist with changing your mind OR it could bring a conflict around making a choice. The truth is likely in front of you but sometimes fear of that truth will be too. I hope you’ve been noticing the theme I’m threading thru these posts about the truth...? I hope you’ve been working on your rough drafts about what to say about your truth. If not, you may want to spend the next 24 hours giving your truth some attention (& edit your expression as needed before you share is my biggest recommendation). Your truth needs to come forward. Look at your Gemini house & consider what truth needs a light in there. Look at your Sag house too. There is a huge expansion of expressions happening there thru 12/24. Say what you mean to say. Say what you need to say. Be ready for others to do the same. Gemini is known for its quick wit, sarcasm, & sudden change in direction. This mutable air sign is always moving. Trying to hold back from communication could be impossible so notice (& give grace to others) when words spill out unexpectedly. The only way out of this process is thru it. Your WeRK here might to be a better listener RN. If a friend reaches out to chat- see if you can find room for that, even in the crackling energy around us. Listen to them. Prep for the Full Moon release in Cancer on Saturday using the knowledge you gather here. Your truth matters babes & so does everyone else’s. Reach out if you need astro support. I love you!

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